Cowboy Practice Notebook: Aug. 20

Mike Gundy said he planned on showing his team the United States win in the Beijing Olympics in the men's 4x100 meter freestyle relay and the great come-from-behind win over the French. He said that will be shown next week but he already had a video picked out for his team this week.

"This week we showed them the one-legged little league baseball player from Kentucky," said Gundy. "When people show me things that are pretty neat.

"Have you all seen that little league player? He plays catcher and has a leg that is amputated all the way up to his hip and he plays catcher and hits the ball with one leg and runs to first. Then when he gets to first they let him use his crutches and he runs to second and slides and everything with his crutches. It's amazing," Gundy said.

It is not only amazing, it makes you think and it makes you appreciate the God-given gifts you have.

"They just start staring at it and they are feeling sorry for themselves because they are tired and the grind of two-a-day camp, and you know you watch something like that and you think, 'man, I'm sure he'd like to have two legs.'

"It is always good for people to see things like that, whether you are an athlete or not. At times we complain just being out there in society and then you'll drive by a guy that is a wheelchair with no legs and I think it is good for them to see things like that."

Still No Decision on Backup
There is still no decision on the backup quarterback race between Alex Cate and Brandon Weeden. Gundy reinterated that he's like to have a decision soon and for sure by the middle of next week.

'They are both improved, but they both still make mistakes," said Gundy. "They are both better and they are both having a good preseason and that is why it is tough to make a decision."

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