Cowboys Get First Look At Qwest Field

SEATTLE - The stadium could not have a better name, Qwest Field, and yes, it is an unconventional spelling but it is appropriate as the OSU Cowboys begin a quest here in the northwest to become among the best in the Big 12. That may be a bit too much rhyming but the Cowboys did have a picture perfect Friday morning visit to Qwest Field before Saturday's season opener against Washington State.

The stadium, which is hosting a final NFL preseason game Friday night between the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks, is gorgeous and appears to be more compact that you would think on television. The view out of the more open north end of the stadium of downtown Seattle adds to the atmosphere.

The good news is as the Cowboys ran through all of their special teams, and offensive and defensive packages, the players had a chance to gawk a little and should be able to make themselves more at home Saturday when they arrive for the real business of the trip -- posting the first win of the season by disposing of the Washington State Cougars.

The Cowboys were spirited during the walk through and seem to be confident and loose. This afternoon they walked across the street from their hotel for an afternoon movie and then after dinner tonight will have several meetings and then get to their rooms early for a 9:30 p.m. lights out.

One bit of good news is that third team tight end Ben Bailey did make the trip and has received a waiver from the NCAA after it was discovered he was five hours short on his progressions toward a degree. He has the grades and overall hours but is short on progression in his degree plan. Bailey will play and the Cowboys also have freshman Jamal Mosley on the trip.

Everybody else is good to go. There are five freshmen on the trip including Mosley, running back Kye Staley, kicker Quinn Sharp, cornerback Markelle Martin and safety Johnny Thomas. Martin and Thomas are both on special teams and will play while the others are uncertain.

Kickoff is at 12:30 (PDT) and will be televised nationally on Fox Sports Net and on radio on the Cowboys Sports Network.

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