Gundy On the Cowboy Victory

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy's postgame thoughts on Saturday's season-opening victory over the Washington State Cougars at Qwest Field in Seattle.

"WE TALKED EARLIER THAT this would be a real road test. I'd heard that this facility was really loud, and it was loud. I don't know if we've played anywhere where's it's been as loud, and I guess it's because of that partially covered facility (in the end zone) that traps that sound. When we got down in there the first couple of series, we couldn't function very well. Zac (Robinson) was saying they can't hear me, and that's what we do on offense."

"THE SPECIAL TEAMS were tremendous. The defense was tremendous. When we sputtered around on offense down inside the 20 and had to kick field goals ... it was a great job by the PAT (point-after touchdown) and field goal group today. They were perfect on the snap, and hold, and the kick. We need to shore up a little bit on the right tackle and the right end area. The special teams were huge and the defense came up with a couple of stops."

"AFTER THEY SCORED THE TOUCHDOWN, and Perrish Cox returned the kickoff (for a touchdown), it was probably the biggest play of the game because they were within two scores then. He returned it and the momentum came right back to our side, and it got quiet again. It got loud after they scored that touchdown (to pull within 18-6). We had confidence in our offense but still when you return a kickoff (for a touchdown) it makes you feel a lot better. The next time out, defensively we stopped them and then we lined up and ran our base running play down (the) field, made a couple of throws to Dez, and were able to score, and that kind of did it."

"IN THE LATER PART OF THE THIRD QUARTER and the fourth quarter I was proud of our players and their ability to run the ball effectively, and do it the way we want to do it."

"I'M PROUD OF THE DEFENSE. I don't think there's any question that we're a better team on defense because of depth and speed. It's a good win for everybody."

"OVERALL, IT'S A GREAT TEAM EFFORT. I told the team in the locker room that I was really proud of them because some players may have gotten a lot of reps and some players may not have gotten many, but it didn't matter, it was an overall total team effort – special teams, defense played huge for three quarters and then the offense came on late, and that's what it's all about. We have really good team chemistry. The players care about each other."

"(WASHINGTON STATE) HAD A GOAL on defense to stop 11 (Zac Robinson) and 87 (Brandon Pettigrew). They didn't want to let 11 outside, and they didn't want 87 to make a play, and it opened up a lot of other things for us offensively."

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