From The Coordinator: Tim Beckman

Oklahoma State fans couldn't help but be excited about the performance of the defense in last Saturday's season-opening 39-13 win over Washington State. You will pardon, and should, the defensive coordinator if he doesn't join in with an all-out celebration.

Tim Beckman and his players actually aspire to much better than 195 yards allowed and 13 points given up. It was a good effort but Beckman agreed that the team may have hit the opening game trifecta on Saturday by winning convincingly, with mistakes needing correction, and virtually no injuries, just bumps and bruises.

"I agree with you," said Beckman. "The kids played hard and we had a couple of kids that got dinged but nothing too serious. There are definitely things we can learn from that film and we explained it to them that the corrections need to be made so that we can be playing as perfect a football as we can possibly play."

The biggest difference between week one and week two will be speed. Houston can run circles around Washington State. It will be like the difference between the French 4X100 meter relay team and the Jamaican 4X100 team. Beckman said he is impressed with the athleticism of the Cougar offensive line.

"They are very, very athletic and I thought the offensive line as well as they moved was an example," started Beckman. "They do a good job of protecting the passer and the skill players the way they ran the deep routes and they completed numerous deep passes on Southern.

"You didn't get to see a whole bunch but you know that they will be well prepared and be ready when they step in here. Very skilled, very skilled, all of their wide receivers ran well and the running back (Andre Kohn) ran really hard. He is a Florida kid that did a great job. The quarterback (Case Keenum) has a good arm. It is interesting in that you talk to our players and they have played against them and they know a lot about them and they respect their players."

The Houston Cougars scheme is a modified Texas Tech-style of offense that actually went deep more often in the opener than Tech usually does. They also use some of the double tight end package that you see from Oklahoma on offense. Beckman says the plan is simple. No matter what scheme -- front, coverage, stunt, or blitz that is employed -- he is hoping for these basics.

"Tackle, get off blocks, and make big plays," said Beckman. "We're going to play our brand of football and do what we do well."

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