From the Coordinator: Trooper Taylor

There's nothing better than making an impact on the game the first time out. Obviously, with head coach Mike Gundy calling the plays the offensive staff on game day serves in more of an advisory role, but this season the special teams are spread out more among the staff to help give special teams coordinator Joe DeForest more time to coach defense.

Taylor, who had he still been at Tennessee would have opened 0-1 after the Vols loss last night at UCLA, instead played a major role in the Cowboys going 1-0.

He handles kickoff return and Perrish Cox toldme that his 90-yard touchdown return was exactly the way Taylor drew it up and promised it would look if they would execute it. That is nice for a coach to collect on some team "cred" in a quick way.

"Without a doubt, and don't get me wrong talent has a lot to do with that," said Taylor of the return. "Them believing, you know that's the biggest deal. I think 90 percent of it is those guys believing in what we were doing and buying in because it was a new return we were putting in and they went out and executed it to perfection.

"Right before it happened we were talking about it and I said guys we're taking this one back because the first one was a return after a safety and the next one he kicked out of bounds, and the third one we scored on. I said guys we're going to meet in the end zone and punch the clock because we are going to execute. They did it to perfection and there was not one missed assignment in the whole group."

Taylor and the offensive staff came back and quickly rolled up their sleeves and got to work on improving on offense starting with punching it in down in the red zone and inside the 10, the orange zone.

"You like to get down there and score from outside the orange area, but we got down there probably a little more than we expected, to be honest," said Taylor, who was meaning that the offense also expects a lot of chunk scoring plays.

"When you get down there it comes down to guys making plays because the field is shorter and the game speeds up and you just have to do a better job of executing and helping guys make plays. I think we'll do a lot better this week. We went into the game not knowing what we were going to get and we just had to line up and run our plays."

Like many of the players he is coaching, Taylor is from Texas and played for the legendary Grant Teaff at Baylor during the glory days of the Southwest Conference and against teams like the Cowboys upcoming opponent Houston. Coming from Cuero, Taylor is very familiar with the history of Houston. This week the Cougars are in the way of the Cowboys going 2-0.

"For us they are just the next team on our schedule," said Taylor somewhat nonchalantly. "We know they have a lot of athletes and a lot of team speed. We don't have a lot of tape to watch because they won so big they didn't have to show a lot of their hand. You can look at their personnel and tell they have a lot of good players.

"I know those guys on that staff and I know Houston has done a great job of recruiting, and that Texas and Houston is full of good players. We will have to execute and it is going to be a four quarter game and the team that makes the least mistakes is going to come out on top. We are going to try and make sure that is us."

Unbeaten as a Cowboy assistant, we'd all like to see Trooper Taylor stay that way as long as possible.

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