Chat Summary: Looking Ahead To Houston Executive Editor Robert Allen takes time out of his busy schedule to chat with Oklahoma State fans each week during the football season. Here is the transcript from the chat leading up to Saturday's home opener against Houston at Boone Pickens Stadium.

pistolp: Was just going to ask - have you seen any shifts toward or away from OSU from any recruits of note?

Robert Allen: No, the commits are holding steady and the players they are recruiting are listening, but no imminent commitments it seems. Calling started on Tuesday with coaches.

pistolp: Has the qb from Edmond N played in a game yet? if so how did he do?

RobertAllen: No, Edmond North plays on Friday against Edmond Santa Fe .

Robert Allen: I have Barry Sanders Jr. in the Polo Bowl (Heritage Hall-Casady) on Thursday and then McGuinness and Gabe Ikard against Guthrie on Friday for two TV games I am doing this week. Busy week for me as we are also putting out a magazine the next two weeks plus radio show. Lots of stuff going on.

pistolp: Talent wise - who does UH compare to in the Big 12?

CJ4oSu: Us...

BlueGrassCowboy: How will our D-line match up with Houston 's O-line? Will we get to the qb?

HJayFla: Ikard, any chance?

Robert Allen: I would say they are comparable to Kansas State and Colorado , different in that they are more skill loaded and may actually have more team speed than either of those teams, but overall talent level would be close to those two and not that far from Oklahoma State . Houston lacks the big time players, but after a team's typical top four or five then they would match up in the Big 12.

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