Hoops Recruiting: Fred Gulley Talks OSU Visit

Point guard Fred Gulley from Fayetteville, Ark., was one of two prospects making official visits to Oklahoma State this weekend. GoPokes.com caught up with the 6-foot-2 Gulley on Sunday evening to ask him about his trip to Stillwater, where he also was able to take in the OSU football team's victory over Houston.

GoPokes.com: How was your visit to Oklahoma State?
Gulley: It went really good. It just confirmed all my feelings that I had for Oklahoma State previously, and got to see exactly how into athletics the fans are. I got to actually experience student life because that was my first time on campus when classes were in session. It was good to be there and see the whole atmosphere and see what Oklahoma State is like.

GoPokes.com: What stood out during your visit?
Gulley: What stood out the most to me is really getting to meet the coaching staff's families. We had dinner over a Coach Ford's house with all the coaches and their families. It's a real good group of coaches, and everybody gets along and feeds off of each other. That's what really stood out to me.

GoPokes.com: Which current Cowboy player was your host?
Gulley: Marshall Moses and James Anderson, but the whole time I was pretty much with the whole team. Wherever one teammates goes, the whole team goes.

GoPokes.com: What did you think of the players?
Gulley: I've visited a lot of different schools but it was really neat to hang out with these guys because they're all so close. Each one is his brother's keeper, and each time one did something the rest of them were quick to follow. They just traveled as a team. At night they hung out with each other. It was just a real good group of guys, and you can tell they're comfortable with each other.

GoPokes.com: I noticed the entire basketball team was signing autographs before the football game. What did you think?
Gulley: They had a line of fans trying to get autographs from the basketball players. All the fans were great. They came up and welcomed me to Oklahoma State. I had to sign a few autographs. It was a good experience.

GoPokes.com: What did you think of the football game?
Gulley: It was a great game. It had me worried for a little while. I've never seen that much orange in one place in my life.

GoPokes.com: It sounds like you were pleased with your visit. Is that true?
Gulley: It was more than I expected. I was really impressed.

GoPokes.com: What's next for Fred Gulley?
Gulley: I'll have an in-home visit from Coach Ford and Coach (Chris) Ferguson on Sept. 15 or Sept. 16.

GoPokes.com: Are you going to be taking any more official visits?
Gulley: No, I'm done with recruiting. I made the commitment (to Oklahoma State) early in the summer, so after that my recruiting kind of shut down.

GoPokes.com: Do you have anything else you'd like to share with the Oklahoma State fans?
Gulley: I'm just really excited to get on campus. I know that if they are that rowdy and ready for football season, wait for basketball season. I think the team is going to be great this year, and the class he has coming in is going to be exceptional. Tell them they have a lot more to look forward to in the future.

GoPokes.com: What do you think of Coach Ford and his style of play?
Gulley: I think his style of play fits me perfectly. From day one, when we began talking, it seemed like me playing in his system would just be a perfect fit. From day one when I met Coach Ford what stood out the most to me is what you see is what you get. He doesn't pull any punches. He's straight-forward, and that's not what you get from a lot of coaches. A lot of coaches just tell you what you want to hear, but Coach Ford tells you want he thinks, and I've got respect a coach like that. It lets me know exactly where I stand with him.

GoPokes.com: What do you expect from the Fayetteville High Bulldogs this season?
Gulley: It's a state championship or it's a loss. We're going for it all this season. We got a conference championship last year, and we were picked to win state but came up short. This year, it's a state championship or bust.

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