Mike Gundy Quotebook

Additional quotes from Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy's press conference on Monday in Stillwater.

Gundy's opening statement: "I'd like to start by thanking the Oklahoma State fans and the students. Last Saturday was tremendous. The way we opened the new stadium with the sea of orange … when I looked over at that section on that side, I don't know what the number of students were but it looked like it doubled since we'd been here before. I'm just really proud of the Oklahoma State people, the Stillwater showing and Payne County which is so important to our attendance numbers. The stadium looked terrific and the Oklahoma State people were very proud. I know as a coaching staff, myself as a graduate, and the players we were very thankful for the turnout. It was loud and it was a lot of fun for the players."

On the play of the receivers not named Dez Bryant: "DeMarcus Conner had 12 knockdowns and that's unbelievable for a wide receiver. I continue to talk about this because I get a little concerned about all the press that Dez and Kendall get. We had 89 knockdowns in the game; we had 89 guys on the other team that had their hands on the ground. When that happens, we're going to get some yards. I have as much respect for what DeMarcus did as anybody else on that field. It's kind of the way I feel about walk-ons who come out every day (to practice). They may not be as talented but they give it their all, they give us a great look on the demonstration squad, they're important to the university, they graduate, they do everything right, they go out there in the real world and do well and come back and contribute to the program. I've got a lot of respect for those people."

On a few Cowboy players getting few tears in their eyes when they came out on the field to the 45,000 fans: "I would think that the Oklahoma State people that have been around here for a long time would have some emotions about what's going on around here. I think part of that is because they've seen dirt, and steel, and mud, and concrete here for four years. That's all we've ever seen. I've gotten so accustomed to it that I don't even drive down this street (Hall of Fame) any more; I just go around because I'm not even used to this street being open. I have to remember that I can cut across when I come to work. I think what I'm saying is that it's gone on for so long, I don't think people ever realized it would be completed."

On the 15,000 empty seats Saturday night: "I think we need to fire the ticket manager. I think he could have pulled off 55,000 if he'd just said it. They always blow it our of proportion, and I was thinking 55,000, and they come out with 45,000. I didn't want to bring that up. It's kind of like officials, you're not supposed to talk about it. But it was a topic … several guys said how were there only 45,000 people there. I guess there were 15,000 empty seats somewhere."

On any chance that a second-team quarterback has been selected between Alex Cate and Brandon Weeden: "They both are doing fairly well. They just haven't separated themselves enough to say you're the guy. I guess if it happens, (Alex) Cate would go in because he's next. He's been here longer, but he's not a guy that we're saying is our second-team quarterback right now. We'd like to get both of them some work. We'd like to get our (second-team offensive) linemen some work. We like our young offensive line. We're playing two groups on defense any way. We'd like to get our young offensive line some work."

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