From The Coordinator: Gunter Brewer

It is hard to imagine there would be any complaints over the offensive explosion that rocked Boone Pickens Stadium and the Houston defense on Saturday night as the Cowboys amassed 699 yards, the second highest yardage output ever, and 56 points in the 19-point win over the Cougars. There was some chirping and the coaches had one complaint themselves. It didn't start early enough.

"We wish we would have seen it a little bit earlier than what we saw it," said co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer. "We surely pointed that out to them that we were our own worst enemy and that we needed to watch out for situations like that

"When we are doing what we are capable of doing, it is fun. That is what I preached to them, I said before we went out there, ‘hey guys, let's go have some fun. You put the work in with practice. Practice isn't so much fun in August, so let's go out and enjoy it.' Once they saw the rewards of it everybody wants to get in the mix and start getting in there."

Everybody did have fun, but some more than others. Dez Bryant had nine receptions for 236 yards and three touchdowns while Kendall Hunter rushed for 210 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries. There was some for tight end Brandon Pettigrew and running backs Keith Toston and Beau Johnson, but it was Houston and their defense that picked the poison, or the Cowboys choice of explosives.

"If they are going to allow us to run the ball then we are going to take it," added Brewer. "We had the opportunity to move the chains a couple of times and some other balls go there. In our offense it is not always geared to go to one guy or the other. There are reads and stuff that dictate where we take it. It is going to happen because defenses are going to say they are not going to let that guy win or lose the game for you and try to take him out of the game so somebody is going to have to step up."

More passes were aimed at Bryant than any other. Bryant earned Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week honors, Walter Camp National Player of the Week, and received a helmet sticker from the ESPN College Football Final crew.

Some fans wondered about sharing the wealth to other receivers and Brewer knows that will have to happen. But it wasn't Saturday night and compliments go to others at receiver like Damian Davis for his two knockdown blocking performance in the open field on Bryant's 74-yard screen pass for a touchdown. That earns Davis points as the next receiver in line for passes, but there are lots of points being passed out.

"He (Davis) could be, definitely in the slot. He and Bo Bowling had a good game against Washington State and caught some balls. (Josh) Cooper is coming on," explained the coaching veteran and son of former Ole Miss head coach Billy Brewer.

"We feel like we have capable people there and again, I'm going to say it lends itself to the coverage. If they single the guy out there at X, and we have a go route then we are going to take it. That is anybody -- NFL, pee wee league, us -- and that is what they allowed us to do the other night a couple of times and we took advantage of it.

"When they didn't do it we tried to spread it out and go a few other places. The running game was going so well that it didn't lend itself to have to throw, but sometime we are going to have to."

One second team player that really impressed Brewer was Toston, really not a second teamer, but another big time weapon. Toston has overcome a knee injury from last season and a quick arthroscopic procedure in fall camp.

"No doubt, and that shows you the true character of Keith to come back from his injury," said Brewer of Toston's 78 yards and two touchdowns on just eight carries performance. "He's also a good leader and people don't see that because they are not in the locker room or out at the practice field or at the chow hall.

"It is a tribute to him how hard he has worked. We are happy for him because he is a great kid. What did I tell you, one, two, three, punch and we are going to end up having all of those guys needed because somebody is going to tweak an ankle. Somebody is going to cramp up, and you are going to see a guy and say where has he been. Each guy brings something different to the table and Keith is kind of the package of all three. He's got some quickness, he's got some power, and he's got some size."

The goals for this Saturday's game with Missouri State are simple.

"One of the things is to come out early and dominate and do what we are capable of doing, compete," said Brewer. "Then at that point if there is the opportunity to get some other people in there we want to take advantage of that. We want to have that opportunity and it all starts with execution and doing what we are capable of doing. If we do that then it will all take care of itself."

Finally and amazingly, remember this is an offense that a year ago was absolutely balanced at the end of the season down to the yard. This season they are one of the few teams through two weeks that have more than 500 yards rushing and passing. The numbers are again uncanny -- 553 yards rushing and 513 yards passing.

The Oklahoman's Scott Wright asked Brewer his definition of a balanced offense. "I think balanced offense is doing what it takes at that particular moment to win," started Brewer with his answer. "If you need to throw the ball 50 times and complete it to win then you have enough balance in your repertoire to go to.

"But if balance you were to throw up a game then you would like to run the ball or throw the ball because you want to and not because you have to then I think that creates balance forcing the defense to stay on their toes guessing at all times instead of being one dimensional by the pass or one dimensional by the run. That creates balance when they don't know, say it's third-and-eight but last time they hit a draw for that or ran an option for that. It's first down and last time they threw it deep or they threw it out on the screen to Dez (Bryant). To me that is what balance is, using all the weapons and everything in your tool shed. You've got everything in there and you want to have a chance to pull it out whenever you want to and not have it regulated."

My definition of a balanced offense is much simpler -- Oklahoma State.

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