From The Coordinator: Gunter Brewer

The open week did give Oklahoma State a jump on preparing for Troy, a key game that could give the Cowboys a perfect nonconference mark to springboard into Big 12 play. The open week served a myriad of purpose and co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer was pleased with the way it went.

"Very well, the kids enjoyed the time off, as well as the coaches," said Brewer enthusiastically. "More important we focused on fundamentals and just getting better. It gave us the opportunity to get out on the road and recruit a little bit and I think everybody enjoyed the change of pace."

Recruiting, that may be Brewer's middle name as he is gung-ho on trying to find a quarterback. Brewer reportedly checked on several prospects for the position in Memphis and even some in Arkansas. We know he was at Germantown (Houston), Tenn., on Thursday to check on Nathan Jolley. Finding a quarterback and getting the recruiting effort going strong is a priority this fall.

"It is and you have to take this opportunity when you have a little time to get further away," explained Brewer. "We went to the junior colleges in Mississippi and got to get into Memphis where we've been before and I got to see my old stomping grounds and my old teams play and got into Arkansas and we saw a bunch of teams play."

Brewer couldn't mention names but said he was happy with the prospects he saw and their response to knowing that Oklahoma State had an interest in recruiting them. Now the focus is back on Troy and, in fact, it turned that direction over the weekend as Brewer had a chance to watch the Ohio State-Troy game live on the Big 10 Network. He feels good about the two-week prep schedule the Cowboys have and continue to have in preparation for Troy.

"We did most of that the week before and just affirmed that seeing the Troy game on tape and live on television (against Ohio State), and we got a double hit with them right there. It's pretty, or I should say we're pretty much complete with what we've got going on there and looking forward to it. They are very athletic (on defense) and they run around well and we have to be better at what we do."

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