Cowboys Impress Troy's Blakeney

Troy head coach Larry Blakeney came away Saturday night impressed with the Oklahoma State football team. Just a week after losing to Ohio State, 28-10, Blakeney saw a lot from the Cowboys that leads him to believe that other Big 12 teams may be in trouble.

On Oklahoma State compared to Ohio State: "I think these guys can compete with Ohio State. Depends on where they play, No. 1, and how they feel about it, No. 2. They've got a good enough team to beat Ohio State - they've got a good enough team to beat lots of people, but they've got to believe they can and they've got to be in the right frame of mind. What's it worth to them? What's riding on it? I think that means something to a lot of football players. I think they're well coached, and they've got key skill at critical positions on offense - I'd say every position, especially when you get (Brandon) Pettigrew back in there."

On the game: "Well, it was pretty obvious that we got a pretty good wood shedding tonight; one of the best offenses we've faced - period. They still, I think, are trying to rebuild a little bit on defense. They're a very good, very prolific offensive football team. They can do about anything. The quarterback really is the catalyst, but they've got a great talent running the zone play and the other runs that they have. They've got a great player at wideout, at least one, in Bryant. The offensive line - they're pretty good, obviously. They blocked us all night long, and we never did get anything consistent going defensively. It was a tough loss for us. Any loss is a tough loss. We came out to play and to play better than we played, and we didn't get it done, so it's back to Troy and back to the drawing board to try to get ready for conference."

On the comparison of this game with last year's game (a 41-23 Troy win): "I don't know that we ran through them quite like they did us. It certainly was a different winner last year and a different set of circumstances. I'm sure they had some negative thoughts on their mind and heart when they left Troy, and they've probably been thinking about them a long time. It probably helped them in preparatioin, but they're a very good football team."

On Dez Bryant: "I think he's really good. He's a Sunday guy, I believe. I don't know what round and all that kind of stuff, but he runs fast and catches the ball. That's two things that will get you down the road."

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