Commentary: Bryant In Class Of His Own

STILLWATER - You've heard the old saying, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Well, don't, especially if the gift horse is an Aggie. The halftime scoreboard read 28-7 but it didn't feel like a 21-point Oklahoma State advantage.

There were several reasons for that. First, it's been a long time since an opponent went to such great lengths to help the Cowboys out. It felt strange. Texas A&M was struggling but remember of those five first half turnovers, four of them were clearly forced and the other was likely pressured too.

Second, the Cowboys weren't playing that well, with too many penalties and too many mistakes on offense. The defense was playing well and the special teams were sterling.

Finally, two of those first half touchdowns were scored by Dez Bryant, and honestly, Bryant does things so easy any more that it almost feels like stealing. In the end the Cowboys made off with a 56-28 victory, the most points ever for OSU against A&M, broke a four-game losing streak to the Aggies, and made for the fourth straight 50-point plus effort.

"He's a great receiver, there's no question about that, not just as a receiver, but as a punt returner," said Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman, who also said his team didn't play very well and that his squad did not deserve to win the football game.

He also continued his comments about Dez Bryant. "He's just a phenomenal athlete and when the ball is in his hands he's very dangerous. We knew that coming in."

"Dez Bryant is a great player," said Aggies cornerback Danny Gorrer, who was once heavily recruited by the Cowboys. "He did everything his coach asked him to do and performed to his beast ability. I don't know how to explain how good he is. He is just a wonderful athlete. He's one of the best I've ever had to cover. He's just so big and so talented."

Following up defensive end Ugo Chinasa's six-yard interception return for a touchdown, which came after Chinasa recovered a Jeff Fuller Aggie fumble on the first series of the game which was forced by cornerback Jacob Lacey, and followed by Cowboy linebacker Pat Lavine's 22-yard interception retunr for a touchdown, Bryant scored twice in the first half.

He caught a slant in from Zac Robinson and sprinted into the end zone to complete the 29-yard scoring pass. Then Bryant took an A&M punt in a crowd and found open spaces and then finally caught the sideline and the wall and again turned on the afterburners for a 78-yard scoring return.

"Whenever I caught the ball I saw the crease and I saw Andre make his block and I knew then I had to take it," said Bryant of the punt return and the key block by Andre Sexton. "Andre was talking to me a little bit and he was saying, 'get outside the wall, get outside the wall.' I caught my balance after I stumbled a little bit and then I took it."

That's the good thing. Whenever Bryant is asked about a play he made, like the 23-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter or the 21-yard scoring grab in the fourth, he always seems to mention a teammate that helped out. Bryant knows where his bread is buttered and he intends to have an endless supply.

"It's natural and I've been like that ever since I started playing Pop Warner (little league)," said Bryant. "I was like that in high school, without the other 10 guys I wouldn't be able to do what I do."

"I think that is a tribute to our team," said Gundy of Bryant's deflection of credit. "I've said this before and I'll say it now, they care about each other and team chemistry is very important in the success of the season. It's a long season, 12 games, and preparation and hard work are more important that anything, but the team chemistry has to be there."

The Aggies helped the Cowboys but there is no denying Oklahoma State is 5-0 for the first time since 2004. Yes, that team scored a win over Missouri in Columbia on a late field goal. Dan Bailey, not Dez Bryant, handles those, but maybe this time a win over Mizzou comes on a late punt return or long touchdown pass.

Those are Bryant's specialties and he is starting to get some major attention for them. He should. Oklahoma State has had a lot of great receivers and ones that have accomplished a lot but Bryant who had six receptions for 106 yards against A&m and totaled 216 all-purpose-yards.

I'll say right now that Bryant, athletically especially, is the best receiver I've ever seen in orange.

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