From The Coordinator: Gunter Brewer

When you are talking to Oklahoma State co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer you had better stay alert and you had better be ready to ask precise questions. Brewer can answer a question and throw a mixture of words and phrases to make you think he answered when he has really just confused you, kind of like throwing a breaking pitch that you just flail at for a strike.

A sluggish first half by the Cowboy offense was the topic of the day and Brewer hit it it from a variety of sides.

"That creates excitement. I think you'll have any cases of any game where you're not going to have your A game every day," started Brewer in a more amazing angle. "I think it's the response you do when you don't do something well that is more the mark of a team than when you do something well all the time.

"You take the Houston game for example. We didn't have the greatest of halves because we self destructed. You have to give them some credit, but really, we were not taking care of business. That is kind of what happened in the A&M game. We let the ball loose and missed a couple of assignments and had a couple of penalties which held us down. If we take care of that then we will give ourselves a chance to win every game that we are in."

Now it is always nice to say thank you to the other phases of the game, special teams and defense, that helped out. However, you know Gunter Brewer well enough to know that he does not just say thank you.

"It's nice to know that you can get a couple of freebies like we did this past week," said Brewer of the three touchdowns scored in the first half without the involvement of the offense.

"Anytime you get a special teams touchdown or a defensive touchdown then that's one nobody accounted for because everybody expects the offense to score and the defense to keep them from scoring. We are disappointed if we don't score on every drive.

"We have had cases where we've had eight straight drives that we've scored on and some where we've been up and down. At the end of the game we want to have scored as many times as they will give us an opportunity to score or we want to have a chance to kneel it or milk the clock, whatever it takes for us to win the game.

"If it's a hockey score and it's 3-to-2 then we did our job by having one more point than they did."

That answer was all over the place, but this one is more to the point. In Big 12 play you have to clean up your act because your mistakes are magnified because of the caliber of the opponents.

"The thing that disappointed the players and the staff is that we didn't take care of the ball as well as we preach and practice and we had some penalties that we go back to that we controlled," added Brewer. "Sometimes you have some penalties that you can't control but these were pre-snap penalties that were all under our control.

"As a staff we are going to go back and make sure those don't happen because they limit our chance to be successful. Every now and then you are going to beat them on a block and then they will beat you too, but when you beat yourself on those penalties it is hard to sleep on that."

Two players that make it easier to sleep are wide receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Bryant will need to play fantastic at Missouri for the Cowboys to have a chance to win, but that is becoming common place for a receiver I already think may be the best ever at that posiiton at Oklahoma State.

"I don't know about that because there have been some pretty good ones here and you determine that at the end of someone's career, what they were able to do over a long period of time," said Brewer diplomatically.

"He's a good player for us and he has obviously made some great plays. We want him to be the complete player and Coach Trooper (Taylor) and the staff we know we have to run the ball and we do it because we have great blocking on the perimeter. It all starts in the trenches, but once you get out in the secondary he wants to improve on that and other things. He is still young and is learning to read coverages. As long as he keeps working he will get bigger and better every year."

As for Pettigrew, I think he'll be back in the lineup this Saturday. That will be good because as much as he is missed as a receiver threat, he is missed more for his blocking.

"Anytime you lose a great player it is going to show up somewhere because his play-making ability lends itself to missing a guy that is potentially a number-one draft pick," said Brewer. "You have a redshirt freshman on one side and a true freshman on the backside and it is hard to compare those guys to a guy that is considered to be one of the best."

Whoever plays on offense Saturday against the second-ranked Tigers will need to be great.

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