From The Coordinator: Gunter Brewer

Much of the talk coming out of the Missouri win that has to do with something other than winning the game has to do with the brutal hits on Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant was a marked man, it would seem, as Missouri got a big time shot to the chin early on a deep ball and followed it up with several hits, including one flagrant out of bounds hit that was flagged.

Co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer saw that first blow that caused Bryant to be attended to on the field and then go through all the concussion tests before going back in from his perch above Faurot Field on Saturday.

"It was up high and it was unfortunate because two guys were making a play on the ball at the same time and he took a blow to the head and pretty hard to the turf," explained Brewer as to what he saw. "It was pretty scary at that moment when he hit the ground, but then once you see him moving around and doing okay and jogging off then you feel a lot better.

"Dez is no small child. He's a big physical guy with big old hands and strong shoulders and there isn't much that is going to keep him down long. We were very fortunate that he didn't get hurt on either one of those hits because they were both above the shoulders and up around that area. That is why the penalties have come this season. They are trying to protect the players. I don't think anybody is trying to hurt anybody. They are just playing the game."

I agree with Brewer. I don't believe anyone was trying to hurt Bryant, but the stakes are high from here on out and in high stakes football games with so much on the line play gets rough. Old Dez may have to become a training room regular on Sundays.

"He came in yesterday and was extremely sore and I told him to get in the whirlpool a little bit." said Brewer. "Just to get loosened up and get ready to go again."

Now the Cowboys' attention turns to Baylor, but Brewer couldn't get completely off Missouri. He compliments both and sees similarities in the two defenses meaning Baylor must be improved. The stats would show they are. In fact, they are about 50 yards ahead of Missouri in total defense.

"Much better, and I'd also like to give credit to Missouri's defense because their offense gets a lot of credit, but looking at the tape again both teams are very well coached and they are solid and gap conscious," said Brewer mixing up his answer to talk about both the Bears and the Tigers, oh my.

"They run around and make plays, and obviously you could tell Missouri is very physical. You see a change in Baylor now. They are very well coached and they are trying to be very physical.

"They have a linebacker (Joe Pawelek) and a safety (Jordan Lake) that will light you up. It doesn't take long looking at the tape to figure that out. They just don't get a lot of publicity. They will give us all we want."

Oh yes, Jordan Lake, the Bears free safety who gave OSU quarterback Zac Robinson a rude welcome to Waco. A hit Robinson says is the hardest he's received in his collegiate career.

"I don't think Zac will have any problem remembering that guy," said Brewer.

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