OSU-Baylor: Key Matchups

Robert Allen's key matchups as the eighth-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-0) take on Baylor (3-3) in Saturday's Homecoming game at Boone Pickens Stadiuim. Kickoff is set for 2 p.m.

OSU defensive ends Ugo Chinasa, Derek Burton,
and pass rusher Donald Booker
vs. Baylor offensive tackles Dan Gay and Jason Smith
The Cowboy defensive staff theorized earlier this week that the Baylor offensive tackles may be the best they have faced this season. I thing they are.

I am really impressed with Smith, who NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper believes is a high pick in the 2009 Draft. Both Smith and Gay have made it much easier for freshman Robert Griffin by sealing off the outside pass rush and allowing Griffin to break off on quarterback scrambles with a comfortable head start and cushion.

Chinasa, Burton and Booker must contain. Chinasa, and especially Booker, bring speed to the matchup and those two could end up having a lot of fun, especially Booker as neither Gay or Smith can keep up with the 4.55 defender.

Advantage: Even - I think the wins here will even out over the course of the game. It is what each side does with those plays where they win this matchup that will count.

OSU wide receivers Dez Bryant, Damian Davis and Company
vs. Baylor cornerbacks Antareis Bryan and Dwain Crawford
This one looks really good for the Cowboys. Bryant survived a demolition derby that Mizzou invited him to last Saturday and Davis now has more confidence and is ready to jump up. Bo Bowling is ready, Hubert Anyiam got a catch last week, and Josh Cooper is back after a concussion versus A&M.

The Baylor corners are going to have a hard time, especially against Bryant. He is big time.

Advantage: OSU - Bryant is too good and Damian Davis is bucking to join him.

OSU offensive line vs. Baylor defensive line
We've tried to stay more detailed, but this is a major matchup and I don't think Baylor will be able to handle this one. The baylor defensive linemen have been active especially Freeman with 24 tackles and Jason Lamb has 18. They have all combined for 4.5 sacks. Baylor has not seen an offensive line as good as this one. When they saw one close against Oklahoma they struggled.

The Cowboys might not pass block quite as well as OU, but they will run block much better. If OSU can't run then you might panic, but I would be shocked if Kendall HUnter, Keith Toston, and Beau Johnson don't have plenty of room.

Advantage: OSU - It's the offensive line. They may need to start considering a nickname.

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