From The Coordinator: Gunter Brewer

Oklahoma State co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer answers five questions about the seventh-ranked Cowboys as they prepare for Saturday's showdown with No. 1-ranked Texas.

GP: Texas is the top run defense in the Big 12 and second in the nation. Is this the greatest challenge this season for your running game?
Brewer: It's huge and their front seven, when you include the linebacking corps, obviously they have a solid secondary, but their experience comes from that front seven. We'd like to run the ball and establish the other things that we like to do in our offense which is play pass, get guys on the edge, and do a little option. Running the ball is what we do and we've done it since we've been here, so if we can establish that and obviously they want to take away what we do best. That is the challenge at hand and the chess match that we will get into.

GP: With Will Muschamp in there as defensive coordinator are they doing a lot of different things defensively at Texas?
Brewer: What you see on tape is guys really running to the football. You see the same guys that have matured, like some of our guys. There is the new influence of a new coordinator where they are a little more aggressive at times and doing some other things that they weren't doing a year ago. What I take away from it when I turn the tape-player on, whether it is their first teamers or the second teamers, whoever is in there, they play with a lot of speed and a lot of excitement. You see Coach Muschamp on the sidelines and how excited he is and obviously they have taken his personality and they are feeding off of that.

GP: What about Dez Bryant? Have you had a receiver this quickly in his career show himself to be that dominant?
Brewer: He's a 6-2, 200-pound plus young man that can run a little bit and he's got a great competitive nature so that lends himself to being kind of difficult for a corner to take. Most corners now days are now 5-9, 5-10, 5-11 and even though the guy at Baylor was a 6-1 corner he just went up and over that young man because his jump skills were better than his jump skills.

GP: Last season against Texas Zac Robinson set the single game OSU passing record against Texas. He threw for 430 yards. Even though the game was lost how much of an edge could that be for Zac against the Longhorns?
Brewer: I think our kids, anytime you've had success against a team, whether you won or lost, you remember the good things. And as you get older you definitely remember the good things and forget the bad things. I remember the three quarters of that game and kind of sleep on the other one (laughing). Anytime as a player you can reflect on positives you had against a team, and obviously he did, and he was on other teams we had against Texas that had some success. To know that he can go back to that and pull that out of his hat and say 'these are the same guys and I am the same guy. I'm a little bit better and they are a little bit better. I'm a little more mature, they are more mature. We're ranked, they're ranked.' You are in their house and this is what you signed up to play for right here. He has to be extremely excited about the opportunity.

GP: What about the noise level and the problems created by the new expansion and 98,000 Texas Longhorn fans in Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium?
Brewer: We decided we're going to get one of those earpieces we see you all wearing where we just get the network and its 25 bucks and we get a two-for-one deal and spread 'em out or we are going to go to the Verizon Network and have that hoard of people standing by us so we can say, 'Can you hear me now (laughter)?' We called around and that could be an issue. We discussed it and being a no-huddle team we have a lot of variances in our snap count and the way we want to go. We think we have it under control and we will find our Saturday. It'll be interesting to see in that end zone because we haven't been down there. If we do our job and take the crowd out of it, we won't have to worry about the crowd. It is our job to keep them silent. I'm sure they will be rowdy.

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