From The Coordinator: Tim Beckman

Personally, I was very impressed with Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. I have a Heisman Trophy vote and, right now, I intend on making McCoy my number one selection. Tim Beckman, first as a secondary coach at Ohio State three years ago and then the last two seasons coaching the defense for Oklahoma State, has worked on defending McCoy.

I knew it wouldn't be his favorite question of the day, considering they are just two days removed from losing to the top-ranked Longhorns 28-24, but I had to ask if he agreed with my vote.

"I think the last couple of weeks that Colt McCoy has shown he is one of the best quarterbacks in the country," started Beckman. "That is not my decision to make but his game has sure progressed since I saw him three years ago when we played him at Ohio State. That is a credit to the Texas staff and to Colt himself."

McCoy passed for a season-best 391 yards against the Cowboys. They did intercept him and forced him to fumble, but McCoy is really good. The Cowboys still did some special things at Texas as they held the Horns to under their average of 48 points a game and came as close as anyone to beating the top ranked team.

Beckman was asked how close the Cowboys are to being number one and he had a logical answer. "I guess we're four points, and not making a play... I've been in these games and you have to make the play," said the defensive coordinator.

"There are probably six or seven plays in a game that are the swing changers and we didn't make those plays. We made a couple of those plays against Missouri, but we did not finish by making those plays on Saturday."

Beckman was most critical of his position group, the linebackers.

"They'll know this afternoon that I didn't think we played very well this past week," said Beckman, who coaches the linebacker position. "Out of all the games that we played at linebacker, this was not out best. We'll be chatting about that this afternoon. All in all, I think we are progressing and getting better and doing the little things that are going to make us better."

The theme for this week and the return home to play Big 12 winless Iowa State is making plays.

"The biggest learning curve we need to work on is making plays," said Beckman. "We are getting better and now we have to worry about Iowa State. So, we're taking them one at a time and we have to take care of the Cowboys and take care of our opponents one at a time."

"He says that all the time to us, we have to take care of the Cowboys," said redshirt defensive end Jamie Blatnick. "He's right, we have to take care of us first and now Iowa State second."

The start of that process started under the lights on a chilly Monday night at Boone Pickens Stadium.

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