From The Coordinator: Trooper Taylor

After Oklahoma State lost to top-ranked Texas on Saturday in front of 98,000 live witnesses and a national TV audience on ABC, head coach Mike Gundy told his team that he was taking blame for the loss because he could have called better plays down the stretch. But co-offensive coordinator Trooper Taylor says the staff and players aren't buying it.

"Hindsight is always 20/20 and Coach Gundy is that kind of guy," said Taylor meaning the kind of guy to take the heat and the blame.

"Nobody in this room would have voted against him getting the ball to Dez Bryant. We (staff and players) all supported it and each one of us was on the page with the call. I don't know going back now if you change it. You are going to get the ball to your best player. Are you going to give it to Kobe (Bryant) or somebody else on the basketball team? We are going to get it to Kobe and ask somebody to make a pick."

Taylor also says don't point fingers at the players. "It wasn't a lack of effort," said Taylor very serious. "I tip my hat to our kids to go into that environment with everything against you and play the way that they did.

"There were not a lot of missed assignments, not a lot of mistakes. The effort was there and we had a chance to make some plays that we didn't and that might be what you would like to erase and go back and do again. From offense to defense to special teams there was great effort."

Something else they aren't buying is a let down this week for Iowa State. According to Taylor, the ninth-ranked Cowboys are more determined to meet their goals than ever.

"If you know Coach Gundy as well as I do, there will not be a let down on this football team and that will be because of the way that we practice," said Taylor.

"None of our goals have changed. We have to work hard because here is another opportunity and if you watch Iowa State on tape you will see that they have become better each week."

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