Sunday Rewind: Another Week in Big 12 South

Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy took his weekly 3 p.m. break Sunday from watching video and meeting with his staff to speak with the media. Just like last Monday, when Gundy's weekly news conference had very little mention of Iowa State, there was little mention of the Cyclones, although they did come up sooner. On Monday it was 20 minutes before Iowa State came up. Sunday it was the first question.

"Just what we thought yesterday the guys that showed up and performed well, did perform well," said Gundy likely referring to offensive stars like Zac Robinson, Dez Bryant, and Kendall Hunter as well as leaders on the defense. "The offensive line played well. On defense we were tackling better in the second half. We had a problem with that in the first half."

One other note or comment on the 59-17 victory over Iowa State was made on the receivers. While there have been times this season that either Dez Bryant or, when healthy, tight end Brandon Pettigrew have caught the majority of Zac Robinson's passes against Iowa State 10 different receivers caught passes Saturday, including blocking star DeMarcus Connor, miracle comeback story Artrell Woods, and a roller coaster veteran in Jeremy Broadway caught a 95-yard touchdown on a slant that broke the record by 10 yards for longest scoring pass in school history. He caught it on his mother Renee's birthday. She had passed away when Broadway was a freshman in high school.

"It is good to get the other guys some passes," said Gundy. "They work hard too and it is good for the team."

The head coach had clearly not watched a lot of Texas Tech on tape yet or he was playing it close to the vest with the media. But the coach of the eighth-ranked Cowboys said he did catch some of the game between spending time with his family on Saturday night, and said he watches those plays more as a coach than as a fan.

"Analytical," said Gundy answering if how he watches. "I saw probably 10 plays or so and didn't see a lot of it.

"I saw the last drive and that may have been more than 10 plays," revealed Gundy when it was mentioned that if one was watching he would remember if he saw the end. "I saw the last drive and it was pretty impressive."

The rest of the time Gundy spent on the phone was addressing various questions he was ready to answer or, if not, will get repeated many times this week as OSU and Texas Tech get ready for just another week with another showdown in the Big 12.

Asked about the talented quarterbacks in the Big 12 and that the best of the best all seem to be on OSU's schedule... "It's a good reminder of the strength of this league and the need to be ready to play every Saturday," said Gundy. "It will also drive some coaches out of this league."

On his team preparing and will it help that they are in another marquee game... "I think they will prepare like every other week," said Gundy, who said he didn't think his team needed a lot of reminders about how important these showdown games are.

A reporter asked Gundy about what he knew about Mike Leach, the Texas Tech coach. "I know Coach Leach pretty well. We have a family connection," said Gundy. "He worked with my brother (Cale) at Oklahoma and I have a lot of respect for him as a coach and what he has been able to accomplish. I haven't gone into depth (on his career). I know he was an assistant at Kentucky and OU and has been at Tech."

On if the Texas Tech defense is improved because of scheme or personnel... "I haven't gotten into that (watching Tech defensive video) yet," said Gundy. "I know they are active running to the ball and making plays."

On what kind of game he thinks it will be after playing three very different type games with Tech the past three years... "I think that any time you get into a game like this with a team that has a lot of success on offense and is statistically better on defense, you need to play well in three phases to come out ahead which is like every other week. I have no idea (what kind of game it will be). That game last night didn't transpire like people were talking about, did it?"

Just another week in the Big 12 with plenty to talk about between now and Saturday at 7 p.m. at Jones AT&T Stadium. Man, this is fun!

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