Recruiting: Paulsen Makes His Pledge

As expected following an official visit this weekend that he called very good, fullback/defensive end David Paulsen of Marietta (Walton), Ga., told Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy that he's a Cowboy. The 6-3, 240-pound Paulsen is projected to play fullback for the Cowboys and that was a focal part of his recruiting trip this weekend.

Paulsen becomes the eighth commitment to the Cowboys for the 2009 recruiting class. He is the first and expected to be the only fullback in the class.

Paulsen arrived for the visit Saturday morning and was accompanied by his parents, who Paulsen said were very happy with what they saw and with his decision.

"It went very well, very well," said Paulsen of the visit. "We arrived right before the game yesterday and the first thing we did was go to meet with the academic advisors. We talked about pre-med and they had some interesting options like exercise science and sports medicine, which is something that I am very interested in.

"Then we left and went to the walk. That is the first time that I got to see the coaches -- Coach (Mike) Gundy, Coach (Curtis) Luper, (Joe) Wickline, and (Gunter) Brewer. it was good to finally see them in person. The we went to meet with the strength and conditioning coaches. We saw the old weight room, which is amazing. It is impressive to think that there is an entirely new weight room being built."

The rapid schedule allowed just enough time for Paulsen and his family to go upstairs to the Varsity Room to eat before going down and catching the end of warm-ups before going up to the stands.

"The game was great, but it was long," said Paulsen. "After the game we saw the coaches and they said they called that first touchdown to the fullback for me. They were kidding that we called the fullback for Paulsen."

Paulsen said he went out to dinner with his family, his player host, tight end Cooper Bassett, Coach Glenn Spencer, and recruiting coordinator Robert Matthews and his wife at Aggies Big House. He then went out with Bassett, his Orange Pride host, and some of the OSU players.

"I went with Coach Luper, my position coach, for breakfast," said Paulsen. "He drove us around Stillwater and showed us out to where some of the coaches live. Then we came back and sat with all the offensive staff at the big offensive staff meeting room. Coach Gundy had some plays on the projector, fullback plays they have run this season and in seasons past. Coach Wickline said he was excited about having a fullback so that they can run power plays again."

Later Paulsen said he was given a tour of the West End Zone and was really impressed with the training table.

"You should have seen that kitchen, three big grills and three big smokers where they said they would smoke hogs," said Paulsen. "Football players love to eat, so you can imagine how I was impressed with that. Then we went down to the lockers and they already are putting lockers in. It looks good."

The visit ended with lunch with Robert Matthews and then a conversation with Gundy.

"We walked outside together and I told him I wanted to be a Cowboy and that I was committing to him for the next four years," explained Paulsen. "I came back in and told my parents and Coach Matthews and they were all relieved and very excited."

Paulsen, who plays both offense and defense at Walton High School, said his team has one more game in the regular season. They have clinched a playoff spot but can clinch the regional championship with a win and get a home game. Walton is currently 8-1 on the season.

Paulsen was also recruited by Georgia, Miami of Ohio, Duke, Tulane, and others.

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