Sunday Rewind: Gundy's Goals Unchanged

There has been a lot of talk, especially leading up to the showdown with Texas Tech, about the Oklahoma State players' rubber bracelets with the date of the Big 12 Championship Game on it. The players had the goal of being in Kansas City for the Big 12 title game. After the 56-20 loss Saturday night to No. 2 Texas Tech, the 11th-ranked Cowboys have to readjust those Big 12 Championship goals.

However, Cowboy head coach Mike Gundy pointed out in his Sunday teleconference with the media that his goal is unchanged.

"Win the next game," shot Gundy when asked about the goal after the loss to Texas Tech. "That has always been the goal."

Gundy complimented Colorado following its win at home Saturday over Iowa State that featured the Buffs defense holding Iowa State as the clock ran out with the Cyclones on the Buffs 1-yard line. The CU defense tackled Iowa State running back Alexander Robinson for a loss on the final play of the game.

"They have a good defense watching them on tape and they have been pretty sound," said Gundy of the 5-5 Buffaloes. "We just concern ourself with the next game. Our football team is better and we've continued to improve and mature. We have to improve and we are not deep enough to walk into anybody's stadium and just go out and win."

The Oklahoma State coaching staff is in the process of moving on, which is what they do every Sunday -- reporting early to dissect and grade the previous game and then begin the analysis and game plan for the next opponent.

Gundy, as offensive play caller in addition to head coach, looks at offensive tape first, so he had not yet looked at the defense and the breakdown of how Tech's offense scored the 56 points on the Cowboy defense.

"I haven't got to that yet," he said. "Well, you guys know the statistics better than I do. Our defensive guys feel like they didn't play very good. I think they (Tech) got hot and we couldn't slow them down and they are very good at they do."

Gundy pointed out that the offense definitely contributed to that problem by not getting into any rhythm the first half and punting twice allowing for Tech to control the clock.

Yes, Tech's offense with the addition of the running game really controls the clock with both their run and the pass. The defense did not give up the big plays as Tech scored the 56 points and ran up 629 yards of total offense with only three plays of more than 20 yards, and two of those came in the first quarter. Tech scoring drives took 5, 11, 14, 8, 9, 8, 12, and 7 plays. Clock eating and game controlling drives that kept Oklahoma State's offense on the sidelines and anxious to get out there and find their rhythm.

Gundy's thoughts on two other topics that came up in the Sunday afternoon call, first on the player's attitudes on the bus to the airport and the plane ride back to Stillwater. Was it what he expected and did the team work on moving from the disappointment toward getting ready to play and beat Colorado this week?

"I am hoping they did that. Guys were disappointed and it was a quiet bus and a quiet plane ride," said Gundy. "I always do that (check for bad body language). I don't have to do that as much anymore. This team is mature and has good leadership. We went out and played a good football team and we got beat. We need to move on now."

Gundy talked about tight end Brandon Pettigrew's fumble on a 15-yard completion to midfield on the Cowboys' first drive of the second half where they were trying to make it 28-21 in favor of Texas Tech.

"It was a little loose and the guy came from behind him and punched it out," said Gundy of describing what he saw on the play. "You'd like to think that's (that OSU would have finished the drive and got back in the game) true. We've played pretty good coming out in the second half, but after that we fell far behind and we got so one dimensional (on offense)."

Finally on the stark contrast in wide receiver Dez Bryant's statistics on the road as compared to home. For instance, Bryant has 17 touchdownss and all 17 have come at Boone Pickens Stadium.

"(On the road) we've been at number three, at number one, and at number two, that could have something to do with it," said Gundy. "They are all pretty good defensively.

"(Tech) played a safety over him the whole game," added Gundy on the defensive attention on Bryant. "They were scoring and using quite a bit of the clock. We had two punts the first half and then we had back-to-back punts in the second half," added Gundy alluding that fewer opportunities existed for Bryant because of Tech controlling the game on offense.

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