From The Coordinator: Tim Beckman

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Tim Beckman made a choice against Texas Tech that no defensive coordinator wants to make. He had to pick the poison against the Red Raiders.

You can rush four or three up front and cover with seven or eight. This way Tech quarterback Graham Harrell has a long time to sit back and wait for one of his many options in the form of receiving targets to come open.The other option is to play man coverage of some kind and send an extra pass rusher with the hope your corners and safeties hold up.

Beckman chose the latter most of the night as the Cowboys employed primarily a man-zone with a safety on top of star Tech receiver Michael Crabtree while they were man on the other receivers. Harrell was 40-of-50 passing for 456 yards and Tech won 56-20.

"Well, we're extremely disappointed in the way that we played and the way that we coached," said Beckman. "All of us as a team because this is a team game. Credit has to go to Texas Tech because they are a fine football team. Coach Leach has done a great job with them and they have some tremendous athletes.

"Basically it came down to not making plays in space and just not playing up to the caliber that we need to play in a football game with that kind of competition."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said he felt in the offseason the defensive staff and the offensive staff will sit down and look hard at how they played Texas Tech and evaluate for some better schemes to better put their players in a winning situation.

Now for the Cowboy defense it is move on from Tech's "Air Raid" offense to Colorado and more of a FedEx Ground approach.

"I see a bunch of stuff, two quarterback system," said Beckman of the CU offense. "They played two quarterbacks last weekend and have been playing two quarterbacks. They have done their homework on the opponents that they have been playing.

"They lost the running back (freshman Rodney Stewart) two weeks ago at Texas A&M and the new running back (freshman and five star recruit Darrell Scott) came in and had a good game last week. They are a good football team and we have to worry about the Cowboys and get the Cowboys better."

So how different are they with the different quarterbacks, coach's son Cody Hawkins and Taylor Hansen?

"Not extremely different. The Hawkins kid is a veteran, just a sophomore, but has a year underneath his belt and is a coach's kid," explained Beckman. "It seems like a lot of the quarterbacks in this league are coach's kids. He does a great job and is a great commander. When Taylor comes in he is a runner and he carries the ball a lot more."

Beckman, like the other coaches on the staff, has to be a psychologist this week, goals are being changed and there is some mourning to do after a loss like the one to Tech.

"I think we do every week and that is just part of being a football coach, a part that I like," said Beckman of being a psychologist. "I like to motivate and get with the kids and they are like your children anyway. You want to expand and get better from this. We have to learn from it and Coach Gundy is building this program so that we'll be in this situation a lot.

"There is a lot to play for," continued Beckman on the current situation. "You have two more opportunities to play with your seniors. I think that is really important. You tell your team, your defense that they have three more opportunities to play with Jacob Lacey, and the Ricky Prices and the life long relationships that you've built. I think that is huge.

"I think the next one is that we've got the opportunity to win nine football games this weekend. Not many teams out there in this country can say they have nine wins or have the chance to win nine games. We're building on those goals and to get better from last week."

Get better in a hurry.

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