Cowboy Football Notebook

In addition to the injury to Kendall Hunter, two other Oklahoma State players had to leave Saturday night's game with injuries. Tight end Brandon Pettigrew was shaken up after making a catch and then dislocated a finger on his left hand. He returned to the game after both situations. Running back Keith Toston got hit in the stomach on a kickoff and missed the fourth quarter, but he should be fine.

The concern will be for the left knee or leg injury to Kendall Hunter.

** The final tally on tickets used by the Robinson family came to 37 as that many friends and family attended the game to see Zac come home and quarterback in his home state.

** Former Cowboys alert: Former OSU baseball star Robin Ventura, who played in the major leagues with the White Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers, was at Saturday night's game with his son. Ventura was at the walk through on Friday and greeted Cowboy coaches, players and staff. He was also at the game with his family as he has a niece and nephew that are students at CU.

** Mike Gundy saw former Cowboy quarterback Andy Loveland and his son after the game. Loveland was one of Gundy's pupils when he first became offensive coordinator for Pat Jones in his early coaching years. Loveland lives and works in Denver.

** Former OSU head coach Bob Simmons was at the Cowboys hotel on Friday night and then at the game on Saturday. Simmons had Gundy on his staff the first season he was in Stillwater. Simmons now lives in the Denver area after most recently serving as an assistant coach at several schools.

** Finally, I can't quite understand Berry Tramel's column in the Saturday morning Oklahoman regarding Mike Gundy's coaching style. First, this is a month old story. In college football terms, just old. This was a topic over a month ago. Second, it is hard to argue with success and 9-2 is success.

Being around the program on a daily basis I can guarantee you that to every player on this team knows Mike Gundy is a head coach. Does he call plays and coach offense? Yes. Does he interact with and discipline players on both sides of the ball? Yes. Does he keep up on the overall situation in the game as in how the defense is doing, special teams situations, the need for a fake, a third or fourth down go for it? Yes, many of the decisions of the play caller have to be based on or dictated by how the defense is doing and the overall flow of the game.

Yes, Gundy is well in tune to that and has to be. Maybe, Berry would best be served by reading our column on how Gundy is doing it and how the Cowboys need him on that trunk plotting game-winning situations for the offense. I think we wrote that about a month ago.

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