Fourth and Goal

Okay. We get the idea already. Until the Houston Bowl, there isn't much to talk about, and you are bored. So - we pulled out some interviews you might find entertaining. Ever wonder what the players are like behind the helmet? Too late to turn back now - you may be disturbed by what you find.

Fourth and Goal : with OSU senior linebacker Terrence Robinson

August 27, 2002

BB: "If someone were to make a movie of your life, who would you choose to play you?"

TR: "I dunno. Who would want to be me? Hmmmm..."

BB: "You can't think of anyone who would want to be you?"

TR: "Aw, a lot of people would want to be me, I'm that kind of guy."

BB: "So, you are confident, that's a good thing. But back to the original question."

TR: "OK, I know who. I'd choose Greg Richmond. He has a way of studying people and imitating them, 100 percent perfect. Besides, he is a character."

BB: "Out of all the actors in the world, and you choose your teammate, Greg Richmond? I was sure you would say Wesley Snipes or something."

TR: "Nope. Greg is better than Wesley. He'd be a lot better."

BB: "So, speaking of teammates and football and stuff, word around town is that there is a group of crazy guys who dance naked outside on gameday mornings. They say it is good luck for the team."

TR: "Well, I don't think I'll be joining them, that's for sure."

BB: "What if you happened to be just driving by, and you see them in the yard, singing the fight song and grooving to Cowboy tunes?"

TR: "Maybe it would be good luck for me in the game. But I think I would be more scared than anything. Why do they have to be naked?"

BB: "I dunno, I am just the messenger."

TR: "That is a little crazy."

BB: "No kidding. They must be loyal fans, but maybe we should find a good doctor for them. Ugh."

TR: "They even do motions?"

BB: "Yes, while they sing naked."

TR: "That can't be good."


Fourth and Goal: with OSU running back Tim Burrough

September 3, 2002

BB: Did you watch the Texans game the other night?

TB: No, I'm not a fan of the Texans, I'm a Dallas fan.

BB: When they play each other next week are you going to be watching?

TB: Of course, Dallas is gonna win though.

BB: So it is safe to say you will watch the Texans cheerleaders more than you will watch the Texans themselves...

TB: Do you know what the cheerleaders look like?

BB: Uhhh, No.

TB: I don't either. But if I saw them, I would probably give them a long glance.

BB: So, you have to know what they look like before you commit to watching them?

TB: No, not exactly. I'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt.

BB: Do you and your roommates get into trouble much?

TB: Naw, we don't do anything too bad, we make the most fuss over who has to clean the kitchen.

BB: Ah, so who is the messy one?

TB: I don't think any of us are real messy.

BB: So, when company comes over, they don't find dirty underwear in your living room floor or anything?

TB: No, no, no. That's nasty. That's what your room looks like doesn't it?

BB: Mine? No, I am a girl.

TB: Then why would you expect my room to look like that?

BB: I dunno, because you are a guy. Guys do those kind of things.

TB: No, girls do things like that. They leave their draws in the sink in water, and their bras hanging up on the shower rack. Girls do, guys don't.

BB: Maybe not, but guys do other things though.

TB: No. We don't leave our draws out everywhere. We got dirty clothes hampers. We don't do that.


Fourth and Goal : with Cowboy QB Josh Fields

October 1, 2002

BB: They tell me you crack jokes in the huddle. So, you are lining up against a Top 10 team and you are telling knock-knock jokes?

JF: I think the whole team would describe me as a goofy person. I play it like it is — a game.

BB: Do you pull pranks on your teammates?

JF: Maybe now is the time to tell Kirk Milligan that I was the one who locked all his equipment in his locker and put six locks on it.

BB: And you just peeked around the corner and laughed?

JF: No, but before I forget, my roomates (Will Ahrberg and Cole Farden) and I thought it would be a good plan —since we don't get much coverage in this area— for you to mention that we are all eligible bachelors.

BB: I know some girls that would be happy to know that.

JF: That's wierd, because I haven't seen girls that are happy to see me.

BB: Maybe they are intimidated by you, quarterback man.

JF: Josh is a very nice guy.

BB: Yes, you really are. I'll get the word out.

JF: Hey, when you are doing a real sports story --

BB: Are you insinuating I don't ever do "real" sports stories?

JF: No, no. I mean when you write about serious stuff like the game and all, you can drop little hints like, "Even after the game was over, and all the dust had cleared he was standing there looking for his girl to come out of the stands."

BB: We could have a dating quiz for the football team.

JF: That would be great! You need to check that out for me.

BB: Do I get something in return? What if I find you an awesome girl, um...Hello?

JF: Oh, yeah — if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

BB: I like this gig.

JF: People think we are all about football and studying. But we aren't.

BB: I can see that now, Cassanova.


Fourth and Goal: with Cowboy Kicker Luke Phillips

October 15, 2002

BB: So, a little birdie told me that you are kind of a boring guy. It was even suggested that I skip this interview.

LP: Who told you that? I bet it was T.D. (Bryant).

BB: I am a professional, Luke. I don't reveal my anonymous sources.

LP: OK, it has got to be someone who doesn't know me too well. I can get crazy on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Gotta be someone who just knows me at practice. Kickers are kinda loners, you know. They get the wrong idea about us.

BB: I'm still not telling you who it is.

LP: C'mon. What will it take for me to get it out of you?

BB: I don't take bribes. I told you — I am a professional journalist.

LP: Everyone has a price. Everyone has a point where they just snap and go crazy with greed.

BB: I will remain strong. How about we talk about your teammates instead. Have you really taken anyone under your wing, or vice versa?

LP: Not really, but about (punter) Cole Farden ... I read last week that he is an eligible bachelor. I feel like I should help him out a bit.

BB: It seems that the entire football team thinks we are running a "Love Connection" show these days. I am having de ja vu.

LP: OK, so he (Farden) is just a Hawaiian guy with a big heart who is sensitive, yet has this jungle passion. He likes long walks on the beach, too.

BB: (silently wondering how Phillips knows these facts)

LP: Nooooo, now wait. I have a girlfriend. I don't want this to sound like I am, you know. I am just trying to help.

BB: I'll buy that. I didn't think you sounded, well, you know.

LP: So, what are you going to say in this story thing?

BB: It isn't what I said, dude. It is what you said. And I have it all on tape.
LP: Isn't that illegal? Let's do this over.


Fourth and Goal : with Defensive Lineman Marcus Craig

October 22, 2002

BB: So what are you watching? I hear all kinds of crazy commotion over there. Is there a party?

MC: Nope. I'm watchin' Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

BB: We don't have the TV on here— everyone thinks it will distract them from their work. They are all wimps.

MC: Hey, you want me to turn it up so you can hear mine?

BB: Yeah, I need to know who's winning. So are you watching it by yourself? Where's your brother? (Elbert Craig)

MC: He's not here. Hey — there's Tim (Burrough).

BB: Oh, you need me to let you go? Are you getting a booty call?

MC: Me? No — I said my cousin Tim is here.

BB: Oh, oops. I thought you said, ‘Tina'—big difference. Is Tim getting better? How's his injury?

MC: He's better. He practiced today. You wanna talk to him?

BB: Um, no thanks. This is all about Marcus.

MC: Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. That's how it should be.

BB: Hey, by the way, what are they feeding kids at Millwood High School these days?

MC: Um, food, I guess.

BB: No, I mean they always have these awesome players that come from there, did they feed you all special peanut butter or something?

MC: Naw, we just know how to play, I guess. We got it goin' on up there.

BB: Have you ever showed up at practice and found out you did something wrong that the coaches found out about?

MC: I'm not gonna tell you. Then you'll put it in (this) and they will read it and I will have to run for sure.

BB: You think I would do that? You don't trust me with the info?

MC: Not for a second, girl.

Fourth and Goal : with defensive lineman Khreem Smith

 October 29, 2002

BB: So, do you have time to talk?

KS: What are we gonna talk about?

BB: I dunno, whatever you want to, I guess. What's up, man?

KS: Are you going to ask me about what everyone else asks me?

BB: It depends on what everyone else asks you.

KS: They always want to know about my hair and my teeth.

BB: Why, just because you have dreadlocks?

KS: People are facinated my my gold teeth, too. It seems to be a favorite topic among people, you know?

BB: Well, since you brought it up...You know, if you weren't such a big guy, someone could mug you for your teeth. I bet they would get away with a lot of money.

KS: 18K gold, man. 18K gold.

BB: You have more money invested in your teeth than I have in the bank.

KS: $385.

BB: So,do you miss Jamaica at all?

KS: No way. This is my home now.

BB: I hear that Jamaica is pretty.

KS: The girls aren't though. The girls there are ugly.

BB: Hmmm. I always thought they were supposed to be beautiful bikini-clad women.

KS: Oh, hell no. They aren't all that. Besides America has so much more to choose from. All different colors, shapes, sizes.

BB: Much more freedom in that department in the States, but I never would have guessed that Jamacian women would be considered ugly.

KS: Take my word for it. They are.

BB: It is good that there are choices for you here then.

KS: Oh yeah. I don't discriminate. God Bless America.


Fourth and Goal : with freshman cornerback Vernon Grant

November 12, 2002

BB: I was just got off the phone with Kobina Amoo, and we were talking about you. He said big things come in small packages.

VG: Who me? I'm not that small. How tall you think I am?

BB: That's not what he meant, but while we're on the subject, you aren't 5' 10 like the media guide says.

VG: Who me? Naw, seriously, how tall you think I am?

BB: I think you are lucky if you are 5' 8.

VG: I'm lucky? I don't think so. I am about 5' 8 for real.

BB: Uh, sure. Remember, I was standing next to you last week and I might have been taller. You aren't 5' 10, champ.

VG: Who me? You crazy, girl.

BB: Sure. So, were you nervous the first time you went to the media luncheon?

VG: Who me? Yeah, with all those cameras? For sure. One of the dudes was telling me not to be nervous, but all those people was around me and kept asking me crazy questions. I couldn't even eat my nachos.

BB: That stinks cause the nachos were good stuff. Hey, were you studying when the phone rang? Or did you fall asleep watching football?

VG: No, ma'am. I was doing a little homework. I am a good boy.

BB: You mean you don't have the cutie that sits in front of you in class do your homework for you?

VG: Who me? No, I do it all myself. But, of course, I just haven't found the right girl yet to do it for me.

BB: It's tough to find a girl these days who can live up to the standards of being a good study buddy.

VG: I know. She got to be good at massages and all. I get all tense when I be studying.

BB: You're only a freshman, but you'll learn ... it only gets worse as you get older, trust me.

VG: Who me? Yeah, I am a freshman. Are you good at massages?

BB: Who me?


***missing from the set are interviews with Darrent Williams (Sept. 10) and Chris Massey (Nov. 24). Interviews are reprinted from The Daily O'Collegian.***

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