From The Co-Offensive Coordinators

As you know the Oklahoma State Cowboys have co-offensive coordinators on their coaching staff in Gunter Brewer and Trooper Taylor. We all know that when it comes down to it on game day that head coach Mike Gundy does the play calling but every coach on the staff will tell you the game plan is formulated by the entire offensive staff in meetings.

On the field in practice the two co-offensive coordinators have separate but equal areas in which they contribute. Gunter Brewer is more the X's and O's guy who gave us a good dissect of the Sooners standout defensive effort against the volatile and explosive Texas Tech offense.

"Their front four was able to get pressure without bringing heat," said Brewer. "They did some of their normal things, fire zones and stuff. They didn't have to expose themselves to a lot of zero, cover one, or man coverage kind of stuff. They basically stayed in their zone and brought some zone pressure.

"Whenever you can do that without exposing yourself you give your coverage a chance on the back end. They tackled really well out in space which I was really impressed with. Whenever they threw it in the flat they were able to lasso, pull 'em up, and get 'em to the ground without giving up any positive yards."

A major key for Oklahoma State in bringing back some sanity to that OU defense is that they may have to play a little more carefully and not take too many chances with the blitzes and stunts because of OSU, Zac Robinson, and the option.

"Any time you have to defend the whole field and the option makes you defend the dive, the pitch, and the quarterback," explained Brewer. "The option is quite different than a one-dimensional type football team and you have to play assignment football on defense.

"Any time you get the ball on the edge that will help you, but we are going to do what we do best and that is run the ball, ball control, and mix some play-action pass and hopefully, it comes out good."

It's ABC prime time again and this time ESPN GameDay is coming to Stillwater to the OSU Library lawn. This is an area that Trooper Taylor, who relates well to the players, really excels. There will be all kinds of emotion and last week in the Big 12 showdown in Norman, Leach's Red Raiders claimed they may have been too jacked and Leach thinks they may have been too cranked up.

"I've never heard of that," said Taylor. "I've never heard of that. I'm 100 percent full go when it comes to being emotional and enthusiastic. I don't think you can too enthusiastic.

"Maybe what he meant by that was that they didn't stay focused on the right things. You can get caught up with too many interviews and too many people patting you on the back and instead of watching tape, now you are spending time talking and not getting the work done.

"You don't want your fist up on Monday to fight on Friday. I think that can get too old. As far as excited, I want them excited today at practice. If we don't have some serious chest bumps going on then we are going to get our butts kicked on Saturday."

Damn, is this week not going to be a blast!

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