Gundy, Sexton Talk About Losing Beckman

While many Oklahoma State fans woke up Thursday morning somewhat shocked to see Cowboys defensive coordinator Tim Beckman about to take over as head coach of the University of Toledo Rockets, head coach Mike Gundy knew what was about to happen, and expected it to happen.

"I really wasn't surprised, and I felt like a week ago that he was going to get the job," said head coach Mike Gundy. "We are happy for him and his family. The guys here have done well. We've had two now that have taken off and become head coaches and we are happy for them and proud of them."

The players weren't quite as clued in but one of the team leaders, Andre Sexton, didn't seem too surprised. Sexton, who was coached as a position player by Beckman as well playing the "Star" linebacker, seemed happy for his former coach.

"You know it's going to be all right. I just hope I still get to blitz a lot," said Sexton. "Either way Coach Beckman left us with a lot of good work habits that we need to carry over and that helped us to be the defense that we are now. Whoever comes we are still going to use those leadership qualities that he left us with."

Sexton didn't think the departure of Beckman would hinder the Cowboys in their upcoming bowl game, likely the Holiday Bowl and a date with 9-3 Oregon in San Diego.

"We are going to a great bowl and the number one focus is on winning," said Sexton. "He (Beckman) gets to do what every coach dreams of, going back to his home state to coach. We'll be out in California looking to get win number 10."

While Gundy has said the search for Beckman's successor won't take place until after the bowl game, Sexton does believe it would help to have somebody that would lend some continuity in style.

"I think whoever it is for us to be successful like we have in the past then we need to be comfortable in their system," added Sexton. "That woulld be very important to be comfortable and feel like it fit our talents and be able to adapt. Whoever it is will be able to do that and the other coaches will stay and they know how we play and stuff too."

The Cowboys, who went through their first practice since the regular season finale on Thursday, will practice again on Saturday and Sunday.

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