Gundy Says Search Starts After Bowl Game

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were on the field Thursday for their first bowl practice and they were without defensive coordinator Tim Beckman, who just hours before the start of practice in Stillwater was introduced as the new head coach at the University of Toledo.

Head coach Mike Gundy said he has practice at getting ready for a bowl game with a coordinator down and he will precede just as he did last year when the Cowboys went on to beat Indiana in the Insight Bowl.

"Well nothing is going to change, just like we did last year," said Gundy referring to the departure of Larry Fedora as offensive coordinator to his head coaching job at Southern Miss.

"We will keep the routine the same and the same guys will coach. We have a routine that takes care of that. The players really won't recognize the difference."

Gundy said, just as Fedora did last year, Beckman offered to coach in the bowl. "He offered but I think once a guy takes a head coaching job at another institution then his focus will be on that job and not necessarily here," said Gundy. "I think it is best that he focuses on Toledo."

It appeared that veteran coaches Joe DeForest and Glenn Spencer were co-coordinating or directing the defense in practice Thursday, but Gundy said it will be a staff effort handling that in the bowl game and in all the preparation.

"It'll be the defensive staff," explained Gundy. "We won't change a title for these three weeks for the bowl game. There isn't any audition going on. We're just concerned about keeping the players stay in a routine and continue in bowl practice.

"We have some time here to figure out exactly how everything is going to take place. The guys in that room have coached multiple positions and will be able to move around and get everybody ready to play in the game."

One thing that will change from last season is this time around, Gundy is not putting the help wanted sign out until after the bowl game. Candidates may watch the Cowboys defense in the bowl season but they need not apply yet. In fact, early contact may hurt rather than help a candidate.

"I'm not even taking calls from coaches and people across the country," said Gundy, who didn't want to even talk about what he would be looking for. "I allowed myself to do that last year and had three weeks prior to the bowl game and it made me miserable. We're going to continue as a staff and enjoy this time of year and coach ball and recruit."

Gundy said he would start taking applications and talking to candidates after the bowl game.

Possible Candidates
1. Joe DeForest, current assistant head coach and special teams coordinator and safeties coach - He has the experience on staff and wants the job.

2. Glenn Spencer, current defensive line coach - He too has experience and is an excellent coach.

3. Co-coordinators with DeForest and Spencer - This is the likely set up for the bowl game and if it works well then Gundy might be moved to make it permanent.

4. Brent Guy, former OSU assistant, Arizona State defensive coordinator and Utah State head coach - He knows Gundy and the program.

5. Bill Young, current Miami defensive coordinator and former OSU player/coach, Kansas, Ohio State, and USC defensive coordinator - Has often said he would like to finish his career where it started.

6. John Chavis, former Tennessee defensive coordinator - Well respected and is looking.

7. Rocky Long, former New Mexico head coach - Well respected and wants to be a coordinator at a BCS conference school.

8 Phil Bennett, current Pitt defensive coordinator, former SMU head coach and Kansas State. OU, and Texas A&M defensive coordinator - Has again had success working at Pitt, but is renting and would like to get closer to home according to sources in the know.

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