Mike Gundy Q&A

The Oklahoma State head coach held a conference call Friday afternoon with several of the football beat writers and reporters. He was not open to talking about every topic but here is some of the more interesting exchange between the head coach and the media.

Robert Allen: What can you tell us about the new additions to your coaching and administrative staff?

Gundy: I'm not talking about coaches.

Bill Haisten: With the transition in coaches, how has that affected your recruiting? You've had to get out quite a bit yourself?

Gundy: I'm always out anyway, very seldom in live recruiting have I not been out when the head coach can be out.

Bill Haisten: During the regular season you said all the exposure that the program got and the national ranking would be very beneficial in your recruiting campaign this time around. Has that been the case?

Gundy: I think so, yes. Obviously, we've got to finish up here in a couple of weeks, but the national exposure, all the accolades that the team has received as a group, some of the individual awards and the exposure has contributed to an interest from a broader area that what we normally receive interest from.

Bill Haisten: How many scholarships do you have to give?

Gundy: That varies, just depends on several situations.

Bill Haisten: This particular weekend is big in numbers, but is it big or just a really crucial type weekend (for recruiting)?

Gundy: They are all big. It's no different than really any other weekend. I don't know where you got the numbers from. I don't know what you consider a big weekend. All the weekends are important. Anytime we spend the year recruiting a young man and get him on campus it is important that we do a great job with him while he is here.

Robert Allen: I know it is a phrase that gets used a lot with players eligible for the NFL Draft, but is Russell Okung already a huge recruit for you for next year with him returning as a senior?

Gundy: We are very excited about that. We felt all along that Russell would stay. He has an opportunity to better himself as a person and continue working himself toward his degree and it is well within reach at this time. He has been a great leader for us. He'll develop as a human being and as a young man and on the field as a player. I think it is a very good decision on his part. There is no question that he is going to play at the next level some day, but to just enjoy the experience of playing college football and maturing as a person before he goes out there and enters that environment is an advantage. It is good for both sides.

Bill Haisten: How is the health of Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant? How are they doing?

Gundy: They are doing fine. I haven't seen either one of them. They just came back this week and I've been recruiting. I passed by Dez the other day. I haven't seen Zac. They start offseason workouts next week and we'll see a lot more of those guys when we finish recruiting, but they'll be more visible in our facility next week. I haven't met with anybody and I haven't been told anything. Kendall (Hunter) was fine in the bowl game. He just couldn't turn it loose after having surgery. Zac had a separated shoulder in the third quarter which is probably healed up now. Those are 10-, 12-, 14-day injuries.

Scott Wright: Zac is not going to have to have surgery to tighten things up?

Gundy: Not that I've been told.

Scott Wright: What about the three guys that didn't make the bowl trip -- Markelle Martin, Terrance Anderson, Trent Perkins?

Gundy: They are in school and enrolled right now.

Bill Haisten: Apparently there is going to be a release that Mack Butler is going to be your director of football operations. When you had the vacancy there, was he the first guy you thought about because you are so familiar with him and he is so familair with Oklahoma State?

Gundy: We're going to release positions and responsiblities on staff all at one time. We've had so many guys we've had to bring in that I have been a little hesitant about doing it all at once. We have released some coaches and some coaches we haven't just to make sure it gets cleared up in all areas, and it's time to release those names. Then once recruiting is over and we are back in the office then we will make some formal presentation with who we've hired and the reason we've hired them and what their responsibilities will be. There has been a lot out there, and I never read it, I've been gone. It gets to me second hand information and 95 percent of it has been inaccurate. That happens when guys fire stuff out on the Internet that they don't have to be responsible for what they said, sometimes that happens. In order to keep it somewhat consistent I think it is better to do it all at one time, which will be after recruiting.

Robert Allen: Philosophically, how do you look at losing staff members and coaches and replacing them? Does it make you mad, excited, and how do you feel on it and do you think about the prospect of bringing in a coach that can really advance the program?

Gundy: I was told a long time ago, early in my coaching career by a head coach, that if you lost a coach to another program it was a great opportunity to bring in a better coach. We've tried to approach it that way at Oklahoma State and tried to bring in guys of high character that will represent Oklahoma State the right way and continue the coaching that we started four years ago.

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