Who Is New Defensive Coordinator Bill Young?

Dr. Bert Jacobsen is the Head of Educational Sudies in the College of Education at Oklahoma State University. Jacobsen is also a former Oklahoma State offensive lineman who played and started most of the games from 1970 through 1972. Jacobsen was coached by a former OSU linebacker and young graduate assistant coach by the name of Bill Young, who was hired as OSU's defensvie coordinator this week.

Later as an assistant coach for Jim Stanley in the 1970s, Jacobsen was re-united with Young and coached on the same staff.

Jacobsen was extremely happy to hear that Young is coming back to OSU and he shared some of his thoughts as an OSU lifer glad to welcome a football alum back to Stillwater.

GP: I know you are excited not just because you know Bill Young but also because he is an Oklahoma State guy.
Jacobsen: Actually, Bill was a graduate assistant when I was a freshman and I got to know him pretty well because he had been a defensive player and he helped a little bit with the offensive line and then I came back when Coach Stanley took the job and Kent Stephenson was the offensive line coach and both Bill and I and Kent shared the same office and we coached offensive line together and then he went off to Tulsa with John Cooper and we stayed in touch and he would call me and tell me to call him back because he couldn't run up the long distance bill at Tulsa. We had to talk on OSU's dime. I lost a little bit of touch with him because he has been to more stops than a Greyhound bus and he's been to some really good places.

What I really like about him is that he has Oklahoma State roots. He is from Oklahoma City and here is a guy that has seen it all. There is not an offense that he hasn't seen. He knows all the offenses and the defenses. He's got the experience and he's got the loyalty and this guy still has the enthusiasm for the game.

GP: What kind of coach do you remember Bill Young being?
Jacobsen: I think his roots are back in the (Phil) Cutchin days and that goes all the way back to the Bear Bryant days. I think the whole thing is about fundamentals. I think you can get too fancy and I think we have on several occasions at Oklahoma State over the last decade or two. You give young me too much to think about and you take away the natural reflex and ability that drives them to the ball and make plays because they are thinking should I do this or do that. Bill understands the college athlete and he has been in the pros. The college athlete has more to do than just go to practice. He has homework, classes, other obligations and having an encylopedia size playbook is not the answer and I think Bill knows that.

GP: You've said it, Bill Young's players will be well coached and fundamentally sound.
Jacobsen: He grew up with the basics. We have to get back to the basics. You look them in the numbers and you put your face mask in there hug them and slam them to the ground. Bill Young is going to make sure his players know how to tackle, how to wrap ball carriers up, how to get off blocks, and how to cover receivers. Here's a guy that has seen it all and he now back to doing the things that work You can see by his success by what he is doing.

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