Dear Santa: All I want is a playoff

OSUInsider's Brant and Griffin lay down some facts and opinions regarding the bottom line of the BCS system. Griffin has been prank-calling Jeff Sagarin all season - but to no avail. For now, he will just have to hope the jolly, fat man helps his X-mas wish come true.

Western Kentucky - 34  McNeese State – 14.


What does that score mean to you? It was the final score of the Division 1-AA championship game. The top 16 teams in 1-AA hold a four-week tournament at the end of every year to determine the champion of the sport. As a matter of fact every NCAA intercollegiate sport crowns its champion after a tournament.


What if there was a playoff of some sort this year? If you took the top eight teams according to the BCS poll, you would have a three-week tournament with teams that all could claim to be the best team this year.


Let's look at the facts:

1. Miami - 34+ straight wins.

2. Ohio State - undefeated, great defense.

3. Georgia - One loss to Florida in Jacksonville, dominated every other opponent in rugged SEC.

4. USC - Heisman trophy winning quarterback, playing as good of  football of any team in the country.

5. Iowa - One fumble away from undefeated season, Heisman runner up at QB.

6. Washington State - Pac-10 co-champions, outstanding offense.

7. Oklahoma - Big 12 champs, best conference in football, lost to mighty Oklahoma State team.

8. Kansas State  - defeated USC, lost 2 games by a combined 7 points to Colorado & Texas.


If any of these eight teams were to win the tournament there would be no cause for alarm, plus they would have settled it where it matters most, on the field. The beauty of the playoff is that the best team in the league or the country doesn't always win, but the better team that day does. Western Kentucky was the 15th-seeded team in a 16-team tournament, but when the dust settled it was the king of the mountain.


I love the bowl system and all of college football's traditions, but in the end, I want the champion to be determined on the field. Everyone knows that New England wasn't the best team in the NFL last year, but they have a ring to prove that they were when it mattered most. No matter what anyone says they proved it on the field, not in some Sagarin rating.


In the end, it all comes down to what is best for the sport. In baseball you have "juiced" baseballs, steroid pumped players, inept owners, and huge payroll discrepancies threatening the integrity of the sport. In pro football, you have inept referees, in pro basketball you have the Portland Trail Blazers. In college football – you have a computer. Last year that computer told me that Nebraska was one of the two best teams in the land despite its humiliating Big 12 championship game performance against Colorado. The Buffs were promptly routed by Miami in the title game which was a laugher.


 If that's the best a computer can come up with I might just ask my Magic 8 Ball for the answer.


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