Recruiting: Q&A With Nathan Sorenson

Nathan Sorenson, the latest Oklahoma State commitment for the recruiting class of 2010, returned our phone call Wednesday evening after getting finished with baseball practice. Here are parts of our conversation with the left-handed throwing quarterback from Texarkana (Texas High), Texas.

GoPokes: What prompted you to commit to Oklahoma State today?
Nathan Sorenson: Me and my dad just talked about it last night. We saw that another kid committed to Oklahoma State to play quarterback (Johnny Deaton of Sand Springs, Okla.), so we just talked about it and we thought it was the best option for me to go to Oklahoma State. They run pretty much the same offense (we do at Texas High), and the quarterback gets to run the ball a little bit. I just thought it was a good fit for me.

Go Pokes: You were aware that they want to sign two quarterbacks in this class and they were recruiting Johnny Deaton, correct?
Sorenson: At first they told me they were going to take one quarterback, when they offered me. I was under the impression that they had only offered me, but then I got on the web site the other day and I saw that they had offered some other guys. I asked Coach (Joe) Wickline about it and he said that he couldn't call me or get in touch with me, that he had to wait for me to call him so that he could tell me. He said they felt like they needed another quarterback (in this class). I was fine with that. I'm up for competition.

Go Pokes: What was involved in the discussion last night with your dad?
Sorenson: I was just sitting in my dad's bedroom and I just asked him what he thought about me committing to Oklahoma State. I had been thinking about it for a while. He said, ‘Are you sure about that? You don't want to go through the whole recruiting process a little bit longer?' I told him I knew that Oklahoma State is where I want to go. I asked him if he approved of that decision, and he said that he really liked it when we went up for the Bedlam game (last November). We ate breakfast with all the coaches and he really liked them. I asked my mom (Paula) and she thought it was the best place for me too. That's pretty much how it came about.

Go Pokes: Your dad said that you wanted to play in the Big 12. Why?
Sorenson: Because it's a good conference and all the quarterbacks are throwing the ball around a lot and putting up big numbers. You're always going to get recognition in the Big 12 because it's a great conference.

Go Pokes: How much of a factor was it that the offense you run at Texas High is very similar to what Oklahoma State runs?
Sorenson: That was a really big factor because I didn't want to go anywhere where I wouldn't get to use my legs (to run) at all. I remember in the Bedlam game that Zac (Robinson) got to move around a lot. I really like that about the (OSU) offense.

Go Pokes: You'll be one of the first recruiting classes to get to enjoy the benefits of the new facilities in the west end zone. Are you excited about that?
Sorenson: That was a big part of my decision too. When Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys is modeling the new Cowboy Stadium off what you're stadium looks like, that's a pretty big deal.

Go Pokes: I've got to ask you this. You're committing on Feb. 11 but you can't sign until Feb. 3, 2010. How much of a commitment can this really be when there are 12 months until signing day?
Sorenson: When I make a commitment, it's a commitment. I'm not going to back out of it.

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