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Oklahoma State commit Torin Walker made his Gallagher Iba Arena debut Friday night in the Eskimo Joe's Shootout. The 6-foot-10 power forward said he has been averaging 17 points and 13 rebounds this year, as well as three blocked shots a game. Walker and his Northside High School teammates traveled from Columbus Ga., to take on God's Academy out of Dallas.

While Walker played well, his team was beaten thoroughly by God's Academy 64-40. Walker finished the game with nine points, 10 rebounds, three blocks and four assists.

Walker ran the floor well and showed great vision off the block, often hitting teammates with crisp passes. He was also a very physical presence on the glass. Of Walker's 10 rebounds, six were offensive. On the defensive side of the ball, Walker altered many shots.

God's Academy started the third quarter off hot and outscored Northside 25-5 in the third quarter. God's Academy then held the ball for the majority of the fourth quarter, not allowing any kind of comeback.

During the game, Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford could be heard encouraging Northside to get the ball down low to Walker.

"That is a very good thing to look forward to," Walker said. "You have a coach that wants you to get the ball and do things with it, I like that."

Not all of the Northside players thought the same as Walker though. "Yes sir," Walker said, "one of my guards actually got scared. He got shook about it."

After the game Northside coach Kenneth Lawrence said he thought fatigue played a big factor in the loss. The night before Northside went into two overtimes.

"I wasn't disappointed in (Walker)," Lawrence said. "It was our third game, and we went to two overtimes last night. I don't know how much they had in them after we went to two overtimes last night."

Lawrence also said that the rest of Torin's teammates wanted to win for him.

"I am disappointed in our play for Torin," Lawrence said. "He has been outstanding for our program. He is an outstanding citizen and young man. I would have liked to seen things go better for him. He is a little disappointed right now."

The lack of rest that Northside had was a big factor, Walker said.

"Well the basic thing was rest," Walker said. "We didn't have any rest. We got home around 12, went to bed about 2, and woke up at 4:30, so we didn't get much rest at all."

Walker said that playing in Gallagher-Iba was exciting and that he can't wait to come back and play as a Cowboy.

"I basically love the experience," Walker said. "All the lights and the people, I love it. The environment, I love everything about it. Especially when the season gets started and we get a big crowd."

The Cowboys lack of an inside presence is something that Walker looks to help with next season. He said he was excited to get to play for a team where he can come in and compete for playing time.

"I have got a lot of work to do as far in the weight room," Walker said. "I believe if I work in the weight room and work hard this summer then I can do it.

"Coach Ford said I have a lot of potential. He said I am mainly going to be used a shot blocker and defensive player, and a very good rebounder of course. He said he wants me to be an offensive threat on the post and work on my offensive skills and improve by next year."

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