Cowboy Football: Spring Practice-2

STILLWATER - There was a drastic change from day one of spring football on Monday to day two as Mother Nature went from warm windy conditions on opening day to cold and blustery on Wednesday. This was the second practice and was still limited by NCAA rules to no contact. The Cowboys will put on the pads on Friday and get some contact in before they recess a little over a week for spring practice.

A big part of the spring is seeing just exactly what you have. The coaching staff is really getting its first good look at a lot of the young players and freshmen that redshirted last season and played on the scout teams.

That includes two of the three Cowboys tight ends that they signed last season. Jamal Mosley was the only one of the three to get significant action in 2008, and that's just because 2007 All-Big 12 tight end Brandon Pettigrew went down with an sprained ankle early in the season. With Pettigrew involved in Pro Day workouts earlier in the day, Gundy and company are looking at all those young jumbo pass catchers

"We are very comfortable with Wilson Youman, Jamal Mosley, Cooper Bassett, and Justin Horton," said Gundy. "We feel like they are good, young tight ends.

"Obviously, they are not in the same position as Pettigrew was, you're talking about a first-round pick. They are good young prospects and they are working hard and had a good offseason. We should have more depth there.

"We went into this last season with Brandon and Wilson. Mosley had not played yet and we were real young. We should have more depth there and move them in and out and keep them fresh."

Depth at tight end brings up the subject of depth overall. Oklahoma State under Gundy has been making progress at having depth across the board. The kind of depth with the 85 scholarship limit that limits the program's interest in junior college players, which they have needed a handful of in the last two recruiting classes to get numbers up to snuff at certain positions.

For instance, the Cowboys took an All-American junior college guard in Anthony Morgan out of Navarro J.C.

"Our goal at the end of spring is to have seven linemen that we feel like if something happened that we had to move a guy around and put him in the game next fall that they would understand what to do and be able to execute against quality opponents," explained Gundy speaking of the offensive line.

"On the defensive line we still have an issue of two deep. We played more people last year and we want to play more in the fall but I'm not sure that we are two deep across the board. We've got some depth at linebacker. We are very deep at the running back position. At wide receiver we are deep but we are very young. We are getting there."

In answering the depth issue Gundy did not get to the secondary which is a mixed bag. At safety the Cowboys are solid with junior college veteran Lucien Antoine back from knee injury and the young, talented trio of Markell Martin, Victor Johnson, and Johnny Thomas.

However, the story is different at cornerback where there is a two deep, but a real thin margin of error. Injuries at cornerback could be especially damaging.

The trio of Perrish Cox, Terrance Anderson, and Maurice Gray need to stay healthy. So far through two practices nothing to worry about, but then again there hasn't been any hitting yet.

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