Recruting: Swanson Gets New Offers

Zach Swanson figures to see many more passes thrown his way this upcoming season at powerhouse Katy (Texas) High School. Swanson is a 6-6, 225-pound tight end with 4.9 speed and last season he caught seven passes for 140 yards, a very nice 20 yards per catch average. He has attracted a lot of attention starting way back in January with Stanford.

"Yes sir, I committed to Stanford," said Swanson. "They offered me back in basketball season and we went out there and saw it and liked it. The campus is really beautiful and the area is beautiful. It's a great place."

That is the way things stayed with Swanson until this month with coaches out for evaluations and the verbal pledge that Swanson made to Stanford hasn't stopped others from jumping up to offer Swanson.

"Cal contacted me last week and I believe they said that scholarship details were on the way, and then Arkansas offered me a scholarship the same day," explained Swanson. "Then today it was Oklahoma State. Coach (Joe) DeForest had been by the school and the Cowboys offered me. It's kind of funny how it has all come at once."

Swanson is probably going to see more action, and while he did commit to Stanford and he is not completely backing off that, he explained why he needs to pay attention to these other offers.

"With Stanford you are not guaranteed admission in the school, you have to apply like all other students," said Swanson. "You have the essays and the teacher and counselor recs (recommendations) that you have to do. There is no guarantee that you will get in, so I need to look at these other schools."

Swanson also plays basketball and he admitted that with all this football attention he is looking to get out of a summer commitment to play AAU basketball. "It is a time constraint," he added.

Now Swanson said he is looking forward to seeing some of these schools.

"We go on vacation to Georgia every summer because that is where the rest of our family is," explained Swanson. "There are six of us and we drive, so this summer my dad said we'd just go by these schools on the way and maybe make some of their summer camp. Arkansas and Oklahoma State are only a couple of hours apart, right?"

Told that they are close, Swanson said he and his family are looking at early June and he mentioned June 6 as a possible date for Stillwater.

Stanford is still on the top line, but it appears that Swanson now has a couple of other lines he's looking at.

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