Recruting: Deaton, Sandites Begin Camping

You want to see two of the top offensive playmakers in the state of Oklahoma? Head over to Sand Springs and the Sandites still fairly new stadium this week as they are hosting the Northern Exposure team camp, which includes Sperry, Oologah, and Tulsa Central, with Demarco Cobbs.

"It's not the first time I've seen him play," said Sand Springs stadnout and Oklahoma State quarterback commitment Johnny Deaton of counterpart Cobbs of Tulsa Central.

"We did this last year and we scrimmaged Tulsa Central. He (Cobbs) didn't make any big plays on our defense today. he made some, but not against us. Our guys had him contained."

Deaton and his teammates at Sand Springs finished up their spring drills on Saturday night with their spring game.

"It went pretty good and our offense looked good," said Deaton, who has talked about the added tempo package that the Sandites added to their spread attack this spring.

"We went 48 plays and I got two 10-play series in and a couple of five-play series with the second team. My best play was probably Delaware, it's a quarterback counter where I fake to the handoff and then the guard and tackle pull and that was my longest run about 40 or 50 yards. I feel like we have really improved as a team and I have worked hard to improve. I don't make the easy mistakes anymore.

"I am looking over what I am supposed to be right up until the snap of the ball," continued Deaton. "My game has improved and I find it a lot easier to read the defense. We really emphasized pre-snap reads this spring."

Deaton said he has worked on his strength and that has made a difference. The other day he measured 6-2 1/2, 201 pounds.

"I have definitely not lost any speed. In fact, I may be quicker," he said. "My arm strength, I'm a lot stronger. I can really throw some bullets. When I get caught off balance I can still make the throw to make the play."

The Northern Exposure with the four teams at Sand Springs has two more days to go and gets underway at around 8 a.m. in the morning. Wednesday will be an all scrimmage day.

Deaton said the rest of his summer is relaxing.

"This will be my last summer to really relax," said the Cowboys first commitment in their 2010 recruiting class. "I don't have to go to any college camps but I will have team camps and seven-on-seven. I'll be doing those."

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