Recruiting: Koenig Going On The Road

I got a return phone call from highly recruited offensive line prospect Dan Koenig of Cape Coral, Fla. The 6-6, 260-pound Koenig is about to head out with his parents on July 23 for trips that will take him to Auburn, Ole Miss, Clemson, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State. I fired away just a few questions to supplement the report written by Scout recruiting analyst Yancy Porter.

GP: Daniel, are you pretty excited about the upcoming barnstorming trip of college campuses?
Koenig: I am excited about the trip and really excited about visiting all of these college campuses because I have never been to any of them before except Oklahoma State. I like to see the campuses and how they are different. I really am going to Oklahoma State because Coach (Joe) Wickline wanted me to come up there and see everything again.

GP: Early on you were high on Tennessee. They aren't on the tour. Is that because you have been there?
Koenig: I have been there and that is why they aren't on the tour. They are still under consideration but they are kind of in the middle of the pack.

GP: What are you looking for on the tour of schools?
Koenig: It is really just how I feel while I am there and with what I see. I like the campus. I like the really nice campuses like North Carolina and Chapel Hill. I really liked that campus. It is great there, so that is what I am looking for.

GP: OK, so is North Carolina under consideration because they are recruiting you?
Koenig: No, UNC is another school in the middle of the pack. You know I really don't have any favorites. It is pretty even.

GP: You told Yancy Porter that Oklahoma State doesn't have any advantage because your brothers went there and your family knows the school. I'll ask again does, OSU have any advantage or disadvantage because your brothers went there?
Koenig: It could be a negative, maybe, that they went there because I'm thinking I may want to go a different direction. You know, go a different way than my brothers. I like OSU a lot. I like Coach Wickline and I like the facilities there. The only thing is my two brothers did go there and I may want to make my own name. I'll have to think about that.

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