A Slice Of Football With Rob Glass

The temperature on this toasty Thursday afternoon was still over 100 degrees on the floor of Boone Pickens Stadium even though the cool front had blown through Stillwater earlier in the day and the thunderstorms building to the southwest were about to signal a cool off. The slight change in temperature still seemed to be detected by the players working in front of Rob Glass and his staff.

The sweat was dripping off Andre Sexton, who is one of the more vocal leaders in the workouts always shouting out to his teammates to do the little extras. His encouragement of "go full speed," "touch the line," or "finish" are thoughts that were also passed on in summers past by two guest participants in the workouts.

Glass has always had an open door policy for former Cowboy players in the NFL to come back and workout. Many have taken advantage of the opportunity and usually they do it right before training camp believing that the Glass workouts put them ahead of their NFL teammates at the start of training camp.

Wide receiver D'Juan Woods and younger brother Donovan Woods, a linebacker with the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers, have been working with the afternoon group which includes Sexton, linebacker Donald Booker, safety Johnny Thomas, and defensive end Jeremiah Price.

Athletes like Booker, Thomas, and Sexton can keep pace with the Woods brothers. D'Juan is going to camp with the New Orleans Saints this season having signed with them as a free agent after two years with Jacksonville, mainly on the Jaguars practice squad.

The difference between D'Juan and Donovan, who made the Steelers last season as a rookie free agent, is how smooth they do each drill. It doesn't matter whether it is a bungy cord they are shuffling with tied to their waist or an agility drill or just simple gassers. The Woods are so smooth. The Woods brothers serve as a reminder of what kind of rewards could await the best of the best following their Cowboy collegiate careers.

The other reminder for the current Cowboys is that there is no substitute for hard work. When asked the other day who was going to be this year's Donovan Woods, in other words which unsuspecting former Cowboy would make an NFL roster this season, Woods had a strange suggestion.

"That would be me," he said. "I'll be the next Donovan Woods, I have to work hard to make it again."

Told that he had proven himself and that he is no longer an upset, that we expect him to make it, Woods agreed with us that it could be David Washington, who has impressed the Seattle Seahawks with his ability to play both center and guard.

It could be Jacob Lacey, who is undersized, but has looked good in the Colts mini-camps and OTAs. Of course, we don't count first-round draft choice Brandon Pettigrew, who has been showing off with the Detroit Lions.

Either way, whether the goal is to make the NFL this fall or have a chance a year from now following a championship season in Stillwater, there is one common denominator, working under the hot Oklahoma sun and under the guidance of Glass. Sweat makes for heroes in the summer.

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