Is Green Koolaid Making A Comeback?

To drink or not to drink? That is the question for media and fans alike in the Big 12 this season when it comes to the Baylor Bears. There is no doubt the Bears are better. How much? Are they good enough to break a 14-year bowl drought? Are they talented enough to win a couple of really tough nonconference games at Wake Forest and home with UConn?

Can they beat Texas A&M again in the Big 12 South and upset one of the four teams picked ahead of them? Baylor head coach Art Briles doesn't know, isn't making promises, but knows that his players have been working hard in the program's new on campus facilities this summer.

"Personally, summer doesn't hardly exist in the football world," started Briles. "Our guys, of course, have had an outstanding summer with Kaz Kazadi, our strength coach. He's one of the best in America. He's done a great job with them.

"Upcoming season, what we have to do is take the little bit of momentum that we felt like we finished up with last year, which included beating an opponent that certainly, we felt like, desired some respectability. And taking that to the next level. The next level for us is not just being on the outside of the ring looking in, but being in the arena and being somebody that's got to be dealt with on a daily basis."

The biggest, but not the only reason, that Baylor is so optimistic and some are optimistic for them, is talented sophomore quarterback Robert Griffin. He is fast, can throw, and is a poli sci major that is talking Law School.

"You know, Robert's an exceptional person first and foremost," said Briles. "He's a guy that's very self-driven, self-motivated, has a plan, and carries through with the plan.

"What he's done for the Baylor national football scene, you know, we're very appreciative of. He hasn't done it through what is said; he's done it through what he's done. That's how you make noise in the football world, is about production. So with his production on the field and then the style of play that he brings to the table, I started to think we have one of the more dynamic football players in the college world at Baylor, and it's brought us some national notoriety."

There is also defense with Penn State transfer Phil Taylor on the defensive line, Joe Pawelek at linebacker, and hard-hitting Jordan Lake at safety. I'd advise taking a sip or two of the green Koolaid.

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