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Toney Hurd has spent the summer working out in preparation for his senior season at Marshall High School in Fort Bend, Texas. The nation's 24th-best cornerback prospect took a few minutes Wednesday (after finishing that day's workout) to talk with about the upcoming season, recruiting and his play at this past weekend's all-star camp in Orlando. How's your summer been?
Hurd: My summer has been great. I've been training all summer to get ready for the ball. I can't wait. Two-a-days begin Aug. 10. What are you expectations for your senior season?
Hurd: Basically my expecations are like every other year. I basically feel like I have a point to prove, and not have the quarterback throw it my way much because I want to earn respect early. I want to be focused and determined that I'm not only the best corner in my district but also in the entire state. My goal is to be the best cornerback that I can be, and the best athlete that I can be. What type of shape are you in heading into two-a-days?
Hurd: Yes, sir. I'm in great shape right now. I've been training all summer long. I haven't gotten a break yet, so I feel I'm in top-notch shape. My hip has been in a sling, but I've been doing a lot of things to get it back ready, and right now I'm feeling really, really good. What's wrong with your hip?
Hurd: I suffered a hip flexor (injury) in spring ball but I'm 100 percent now. This past weekend you particpated in the all-star camp in Florida. Would you mind sharing a little bit about that experience?
Hurd: The week leading up to it I was very focused. It was supposed to be the best 64 players in the country, and I got selected. I want to thank God for that. I knew it was going to be the best receivers (in the nation), and basically it was the best going against the best. So I went in with the attitude may the best man win. How did you perform in Orlando?
Hurd: During one-on-one (drills), I went five times and I called out four of the routes. I had three picks during the one-on-ones, and then during 7-on-7 I got one pick and ran it back for about 85 yards. I think I had a pretty good showing out there. Did you make the trip by yourself?
Hurd: No, I went down with Shaun Lewis, and we met Ahmad Dixon and Darius White down there. We hung out a lot. We were together a lot, just having a good time. Did you travel any this summer to make any visits to colleges?
Hurd: I went to LSU twice this summer. Basically, this summer I wanted to get in tune with my team. Last summer I kinda took time off from my team and went to a lot of camps, but this year going into my senior season I wanted it to be more of a team type feeling, so I've spent a lot more time with my team. You've said in the past you'd like to narrow it down to 5 to 10 schools (out of the more than 20 that have offered) before your senior season begins. Have you done that yet?
Hurd: I haven't actually narrowed it down to the five trips that I'll take. I don't even know if I'll end up taking five. I believe that Oklahoma State will be one of the visits that I will take. What is it about Oklahoma State that appeals to you?
Hurd: The things that appeal to me about Oklahoma State are that I'll have a chance to go there as a true freshman and make an impact on the defense. The other thing that I like is the defensive coordinator they just got from Miami (Bill Young) is a very good coach, and I'd like to be in his system. Just a couple more things I like ... when I went down there I just felt like I belonged. I didn't feel like I stuck out at all, and that was a plus. Do you have a timetable for making a decision and committing?
Hurd: I may make my decision tonight (laughing), but then again I don't know. I may wait. I may make it tonight. You never know. I'm just taking it one day at a time. To be honest with you, it could happen at any time. I truly don't know. When I feel in my heart it's the right time to make the decision, then I'll make my decision. If you make a decision tonight, will you call me back and tell me?
Hurd: Yes, sir.

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