Cowboy Clips: Day 2

It is very evident that redshirt freshman running back Kye Staley put the work in this summer. Staley is still listed on the roster at 225 pounds but that will soon be corrected to his new slim and trim look of 205 pounds, which has the head coach who was impressed with him in the spring even more excited about him.

"He was actually at one time 241 and I think he saw the handwriting on the wall with the ability we have at tailback here that if he didn't get down to weight pretty quick that there is a chance he may play on defense or put his hand down," said Mike Gundy being a little dramatic.

"We want him to play running back, but he had to do it himself. He and Coach (Rob) Glass came up with that plan and it wasn't anything I prescribed other than I mentioned I thought he was heavy. He really looks good now. Kye has come a long way and he is smart. He's going to make a lot of plays."

What makes it even better is the weight loss was not a head coach edict.

"You'd have to check with Coach Glass but I glanced at those numbers (summer strength testing) the other day and they're good," said Gundy. "He is strong and he may have had 20 pounds of baby fat on him and he has put muscle on. I would say there might be a time where he will carry 215 pounds pretty solid."

Coaches, media, and fans alike are looking at the newcomers, the freshmen to see what they've got, during the first few days of camp. One that stood out on day two of practice was former Tulsa Union wide receiver Tracy Moore.

The 6-3, 225-pound Moore was as responsible as any single player for the Redskins winning the Class 6A state championship last season. He had a big game in Boone Pickens Stadium against Jenks in the championship. On Thursday he made a couple of really nice catches including one on the outside in drills and one later in 7-on-7 over the middle that he went way up for.

"Tracy has done well, surprised me somewhat," said Gundy of the jumbo receiver. "I thought he would be a guy that would struggle for awhile because he is bigger than most inside receivers, but he is still athletic and has good body control.

"So far he has shown he has soft hands. If that controls and he grows and we change his body a little bit he could give us something at that inside receiver spot similar to what (Adarius) Bowman gave us. Bowman was faster but Tracy is bigger than Bowman. If he continues to work hard, and he has done well to this point."

Moore isn't alone as his Union teammate running back Jeremy Smith has looked good. You can add several names to the impressive freshmen list including linebacker Jordan Barnes, fullback David Paulsen, cornerback Andrae May, and safety Daytawion Lowe.

"You know I said last February that I thought this was the best recruiting class we had signed," said Gundy. "It wasn't as highly ranked as some others but with the intelligence of this group, the want to, I thought this was the best class we had signed."

The new training table has all the trimmings of a five-star restaurant and so far every athlete that has eaten on the lower club level in the new West End Zone at the new training table area has bragged about the experience.

"It is incredible up there and it is way different than where we were," said linebacker Orie Lemon. "The last place was nice and everything but this is even nicer."

They say the food is even better. The soccer team is eating up there too and Cowgirls head coach Colin Carmichael couldn't stop talking about how good it is. One of the hits on opening night of camp was the pork loin.

"It was pretty strong but I don't think I ate it," said Lemon of the other white meat. "I had the rib-eye steak with the rice and the corn and everything else."

Sure, rib-eye steak, I think I might have gone that way too.

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