Cowboy Clips: Day 7

It came out Tuesday and was enough to make any longtime Oklahoma State fan tear up. Quarterback Zac Robinson and center Andrew Lewis are on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated's college football preview issue. The Cowboys are one of four covers that made the grade with Oregon, Penn State, and Ole Miss being the other regional covers for the issue.

That means all of the Big 12 region including Texas gets this cover. Oklahoma State football has never made the cover of the traditional sports magazine. Barry Sanders made it three times, but all after he was with the Detroit Lions. It is a huge honor!

"It's a thrill and an honor to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated," said Zac Robinson. "It's special because not a lot of teams get that. I'm excited to be on the cover with Andrew Lewis because it shows the offensive linemen some love. My family was very excited. It's every athlete's dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and it's great for our team."

The same for Lewis. "I just saw it right before I came out for practice," said Lewis. "It is pretty cool, and me and Zac feel really honored to represent Oklahoma State and the team. Coach Glass just told me, 'Are you sure that's not Sports Illustrated for Kids?'

Just shows it pays to be a center."Most athletes never get that chance and I was lucky enough to be a center and get on their with Zac," said Lewis. "You can't beat that."

It is also great for recruiting. Gundy thought it would be making the e-mail rounds, which are legal to send recruits.

"Our team has worked very hard and paid a price and we knew there was a chance this could happen and it did," said Gundy. "It is good for our program in a lot of ways, and yes, recruiting is one of those."

Gundy revealed after Tuesday night's practice that freshman safety Joe Mitchell has gone home to Katy, Texas, to deal with personal issues.

It was revealed on Monday that the UIL and the NCAA are investigating suspicious circumstances in several areas of the Morton Ranch High School football program program and that three coaches on staff, including the head coach, had been put on administrative leave.

The suspicion is that coaches altered Mitchell's transcript to get him eligible to pass through the NCAA Clearinghouse. Oklahoma State is completely innocent in the issue as the compliance office notified the NCAA about the investigation in Katy and the possibility that it could impact the eligibility of Mitchell. Gundy was hopeful that Mitchell would rejoin the OSU program at the earliest possible opportunity.

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