Q&A with Jeremiah Price

GoPokes.com took a few minutes during OSU Media Day to ask a few light-hearted questions of several Cowboy players. Here's what they had to say.

What's the best thing about playing football at Oklahoma State?
Price: I would just say being able to play football. I love to play football, and I've always wanted to play football.

Which teammates would you want in a foxhole with you? Why?
Price: Number one, I'd take Russell Okung because he's not going to back down from anybody or anything. He's going to be there for you at all times. Kendall Hunter, Dez Bryant, Zac Robinson, Andre Sexton, Lucien Antoine, Perrish Cox ... I'd take the whole team. With everything we have to go through, why wouldn't I take all of them?

If you were putting a together a basketball team from your teammates, which four would you select to join you on the team?
Price: I'm going to have to go with Dez, and Lucien, and Keith Toston, and probably Donald Booker. we played a lot this summer and had a lot of fun.

Who would play Coach Gundy in a movie?
Price: (laughing) I would have to say Zac because he could probably talk and act just like him.

Who would you trade places with for one day? Why?
Price: I'd probably say the Rock because he seems like a good guy and he looks like he wants to have fun.

What are you expectations for this football team?
Price: I expect the defense to be very, very good, and to be very sound.

How would you describe the new football locker room?
Price: I've seen nothing like it, and I went to a lot of schools (when I was being recruited). I went to some big, big places, and I'm happy that I chose to come here. It's one of the best facilities in the nation, if not the best in the nation.

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