Q&A with Andrew Lewis

GoPokes.com took a few minutes during OSU Media Day to ask a few light-hearted questions of several Cowboy players. Here's what Andrew Lewis had to say.

What's the best thing about playing football at Oklahoma State?
Lewis: Probably playing the games and just getting to see all the fan support, and then getting to make some lifetime friends like the offensive linemen that I've played with over the years.

Which teammates would you want in a foxhole with you? Why?
Lewis: Noah Franklin, so he could carry all my heavy supplies since he's pretty strong, and then probably a few of those skinny wide receivers to go out there and run around (to distract the enemy).

If you were putting a together a basketball team from your teammates, which four would you select to join you on the team?
Lewis: I'd definitely take Grant Garner. I'd probably take Ugo because he's tall and lanky, and I know he's played some basketball in his days. I'd probably take a big guy like Brady Bond because he's 6-7 and can jump. Then I'd take a little point guard, maybe Orie Lemon.

Who would play Coach Gundy in a movie?
Lewis: I couldn't tell you because he's doesn't remind me of any actors that I know. I don't know.

Who would you trade places with for one day? Why?
Lewis: Would they trade places with me too? If so, then I'd trade places with the coaches and I'd treat them sometimes the same way they treat us.

What are you expectations for this football team?
Lewis: We want to win more games (than last season) and go to a bigger and better bowl game. That can mean the national championship (game) or that can mean a better bowl than the Holiday Bowl.

How would you describe the new football locker room?
Lewis: I would say it's the best in the country. I've heard from NFL players, like D'Juan Woods and Donovan Woods, that it's the best there is. They say there's nothing like ours in the NFL. It's just amazing.

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