Q&A with Russell Okung

GoPokes.com took a few minutes during OSU Media Day to ask a few light-hearted questions of several Cowboy players. Here's what Russell Okung had to say.

What's the best thing about playing football at Oklahoma State?
Okung: The best thing would probably be my teammates.

Which teammates would you want in a foxhole with you? Why?
Okung: Lucien Antoine, my roommate Swanson Miller, and the whole offensive line because we'd be in there grinder together.

Who would you trade places with for one day? Why?
Okung: Barack Obama.

What are you expectations for this football team?
Okung: To be the best we can possibly be. We've said that in the past but we're better now. I just want us to live up to our potential.

How would you describe the new football locker room?
Okung: Amazing. It's really amazing.

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