Q&A with Donald Booker

GoPokes.com took a few minutes during OSU Media Day to ask a few light-hearted questions of several Cowboy players. Here's what Donald Booker had to say.

What's the best thing about playing football at Oklahoma State?
Booker: I would have to say my teammates and coaches because they're like my family.

Which teammates would you want in a foxhole with you? Why?
Booker: I'd probably say Orie Lemon because he's a big guy and he's always there for me. Pat Lavine, Terrance Anderson, Perrish Cox ... those are the people I'm with every day, so that's probably why I'd pick them.

If you were putting a together a basketball team from your teammates, which four would you select to join you on the team?
Booker: Dez Bryant, Hubert (Anyiam), Orie (Lemon) and probably Ugo (Chinasa).

Who would play Coach Gundy in a movie?
Booker: Probably Tom Cruise or somebody like that.

Who would you trade places with for one day? Why?
Booker: Bill Gates because I'd like to see what it was like to have all that money, and be able to have what you want when you wanted it.

What are you expectations for this football team?
Booker: To go all the way, Honestly, I think we have a chance to be real good this year so I expect to win it all.

How would you describe the new football locker room?
Booker: It's phenomenal. It's crazy. I've never seen anything like it. It's more like a second home with all the couches and everything else in there.

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