Kye Staley In School Monday

Just to clear up some of the story concerning Oklahoma State Cowboys running back Kye Staley. Staley, a Guthrie, Okla., native, did injure his right knee in the scrimmage on Saturday, as reported in The Oklahoman and the Tulsa World on Monday and the Oklahoma Sports Blitz on Sunday night.

An MRI was done on Saturday evening, and in head coach Mike Gundy's defense, it would have been difficult to say anything to the media about the injury before the MRI made it clear the extent of the damage to Staley's knee.

Gundy had this to say Monday about Staley's injury. "It pains us to see Kye get hurt. We wish him the best in a speedy recovery and we look forward to his return," Gundy said. "He worked very hard in the off-season and even though we know injuries are a part of the game, it's a very difficult thing to endure."

Staley suffered a torn ACL, torn MCL and torn meniscus. Below is a summary of what those ligaments do and of the meniscus.

•medial collateral ligament (MCL): The MCL connects your femur to your tibia along the inside of your knee. It keeps the inner part of your knee stable and helps control the sideways motion of your knee, like keeping it from bending inward.

•anterior cruciate ligament (ACL): The ACL connects your femur to your tibia at the center of the knee. It helps control forward motion and rotation, like keeping your shinbone from sliding out in front of your thighbone.

On the top of the tibia, extra pads of cartilage called menisci help absorb the body's weight (if you're talking about one, it's called a meniscus). Each knee has two menisci — the inside (medial) meniscus and the outside (lateral) meniscus.

The really sad part of this is that Kye worked so hard, as hard as any player in the program, to prepare for the upcoming season. Kye is a tremendous young man that I had the pleasure of first meeting when he was in high school and I did several of his games as a Blue Jay quarterback on television.

I know the Guthrie football family is hurting as they also had the loss of one of their coaches last week. He passed away on Friday. I hope Cowboy fans will say a prayer for all of the Guthrie football family, and for Kye to understand there is a reason and have the determination to rehab and get himself back on the field. He truly deserves to have success.

The really fortunate thing for Staley is he has a great orthopedic surgeon in Dr. Mark Pascale, team doctor Dr. Val Gene Iven, head athletic trainer Rob Hunt, and trainer and physical therapist John Stemm to help him get back.

It still really makes you sick because Staley had worked so hard.

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