Gunter Brewer Talks Pokes Offense

With the Oklahoma State coaches and players, including head coach Mike Gundy, off limits to the media until Monday, Aug. 31, and the first Mike Gundy news conference at the start of the Georgia game week, we are printing question and answer features with OSU coaches and players. Robert Allen recently visited with co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer.

GP: Is the offense where you hoped or expected it would be at this point with two weeks to go before the Georgia game?
Brew: I don't think it ever happens but we are pleased with some of the young talent. I think some of the young players have really surprised not only themselves, but even us a little bit. That is very encouraging.

GP: Does that make it any harder to decide how many and who the redshirts are passed out to?
Brew: Absolutely, and every day in the staff room Coach (Joe) DeForest, as you know is making decisions on special teams and who is going to play prominent roles there, and guys have done well on the scout teams or the teams they've been involved in. We've got some questions for some of the younger guys whether injuries, the injury to Kye Staley was unfortunate and he was a special teams guy and are heart goes out to him. He's going to be fine in the future but that is a little bit of a hole.

GP: Some of the names of young players that have come up include Michael Harrison and Tracy Moore at wide receiver and Dexter Pratt and Jeremy Smith at running back.
Brew: That is one of the things that you've got to expect that somebody is going to come as a darkhorse like a race. They're going to come out and impress and it will be somebody you didn't expect. It has been like that every camp. Travis Miller has done a good job. He has done a good job on special teams and we hope he will keep doing the same thing because it is time for him to step up.

GP: Is it common for you to have a practice where you walk away and think, okay, we're okay and the offense is ready to go.
Brew: Not taking anything away from the other two quarterbacks, but obviously, Zac (Robinson) is a very special player and what we do in the offense with him and with him running the ball you can see the continuity in the offense. With him running the ball and with the continuity and then there is also the leadership you see a big difference.

GP: A couple of years ago the players thought there was too much, too early lead up to the game. That has been handled different this time around but it is all about Georgia now, isn't it?
Brew: The complete focus is on the University of Georgia and that is the focus of our game plan and everything we do in practice. I think we are more mature this time. I think we learned from that. The players have accepted what we do. Coach Gundy and the staff, we are going to focus one game at a time, This is our first game and the main focus is the Georgia Bulldogs and what we need to do to take care of business.

GP: You are from SEC country, so does the blood pump a little more for the opener with it being Georgia coming in?
Brew: Absolutely! I think with my dad being a head coach at Ole Miss and growing up in the SEC, Joe Wickline played in the SEC (Florida), Robert Matthews played at Georgia, and Glenn Spencer played at Georgia Tech, you've got a good bit of Southern flavor stretched out on this coaching staff and it is nice to go up against a rival that you have gone against before.

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