Q&A With Richetti Jones

With the moratorium on interviews with Oklahoma State football coaches and players in lieu of practice reports we are publishing interviews with coaches and players.

This is a huge season for sophomore defensive end Richetti Jones. The highly recruited prospect out of Dallas (Lincoln), Texas, Jones played in nine games last season with five tackles and a quarterback hurry to show for it.

Jones had suffered a fractured hip that ended his senior season in high school and took him some time to recover from. It has often been speculated whether Jones would ever be the same physically. This preseason camp Jones has said he is completely recovered and the hip is no longer an issue.

If Jones is right on that it comes at a good time as his presence would really help on the defensive line. He had been running second team behind Ugo Chinasa during the first part of practice in camp.

GP: How about the influence of Bill Young on the defense and coaching at your position, the defensive line?
RJ: He always, if you don't do anything right, wants you to go full speed, full blast. He tries to make it as simple as possible. He doesn't want a robot for a defensive lineman.

GP: Are you as excited about this season as you were on media day?
RJ: Oh yeah, I am way much more excited than I was on media day because it is that much closer to playing Georgia and it is time to turn it up. This year I plan on being on the field trying to help my team win the Big 12.

GP: How much do you think you will be on the field? Do you know what the rotation is going to be?
RJ: I really, really can't tell you what the rotation is going to be like. That's on Coach Young, but I hope to be in there.

GP: I don't think there is any doubt that Bill Young wants to roll it in there?
RJ: Oh yeah, I just hope once that I get in there I can help my team and my teammates by doing the best of my ability and by making plays.

GP: When you were recruited you got a lot of hype, media attention. Because of that can you help your teammates since that is what you guys are going through leading into this season?
RJ: Oh yeah because you are going to get the good and the bad and you have to roll with the punches. You can't let it get to your head and like Coach Gundy says you can't read the newspapers because once you start reading them and then start believing them you start going up and down. You just have to roll with the punches and stay humble. You just have to play football. Really, you just have to play football. It's football, you have to play football.

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