One-on-One With Zac Robinson

In lieu of practice reports we are publishing interviews with Oklahoma State coaches and players with the moratorium on interviews until next Monday, Aug. 31. Practice continues for the Cowboys as they get into a routine leading up to the season opener Sept. 5 against Georgia. The closer that first game gets the more head coach Mike Gundy leans on his leaders, including quarterback Zac Robinson.

There is no doubt that Robinson is as valuable a player as the Cowboys have. Even with Dez Bryant and Kendall Hunter, the belief is that Robinson is the most valuable Cowboys. That is why many fans held their breath when he missed a week of practice with a strained hamstring.

Robinson is good to go, and the senior quarterback has shown he is a gamer especially in the Holiday Bowl when he got beat up by the Oregon defense. Robinson is back in practice and seems to be ready to go. We know he is feeling good about turning the attention in practice to Georgia.

GP: What do you think of when you think of Georgia?
ZR: Georgia, I mean I think speed. They are a typical SEC team and they have great speed on both sides of the ball. They always have a great football team, lots of depth, a really good team. We know that they are always in contention for championships and have a good team.

GP: After two years ago and losing to Georgia in Athens, is this a game that has been in the back of your mind?
ZR: Not a whole lot. For me, I just played about five plays. I do think a lot of guys remember that game and know the feeling it was like after that game. I think we are a different team, more talented. I think we are a better team. We are excited to play them and know that they are going to bring their best shot.

GP: Coach Gundy says this is a team that really polices itself. Just what does that mean?
ZR: A lot of it when a practice is moving along slow then somebody steps up and says something. We have that on both sides of the ball because we have a lot of guys on defense that can just get things going. The coaches don't have to step in to get things going. We kind of do that on our own and that is the way it has been.

GP: That has to be a great situation for a team.
ZR: Definitely, you can just worry about coaching the guys and not worry about enthusiasm and things like that because the players are going to handle that.

GP: Are you happy with the tempo and the way practices are going since you guys kind of dictate it?
ZR: It can always be better, but I think the tempo has been good. We have been moving around well and the enthusiasm has been good. It can be better, but I have been happy with the way things have been moving at practice.

GP: Do you pay attention to all the preseason honors and all the publicity? Can it make you complacent?
ZR: For some guys it can be that way. I think for our team it makes us work harder. That is the way I always approach it. You get accolades and then you work harder to live up to those opinions people have and be the best.

GP: One thing is for certain is that Georgia is reading your press clippings and they are getting mad about it.
ZR: Yeah, definitely. They are probably sick of reading about us being in the top 10. I'm sure they are using that as motivation.

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