OSU-Houston Notebook

Mike Gundy had little to say about Kendall Hunter's injury other than the medical staff told him at halftime that Kendall was done for the game, and that for that to happen it must be serious because Kendall is a tough player. Gundy did not speculate or say exactly why Hunter was wearing a boot on his lower right leg and foot.

There were not many visitors on Saturday, maybe sensing the weather or just not a lot of opportunity to get there with fewer high school teams playing Thursday games, teams with off weeks, and OSU and Houston kicking off at 2:40 p.m.

There was one official visitor and it was reported that he played in Georgia on Friday night and still got to Stillwater for his visit. We spotted Du' Von Milsap out to dinner after the game with several Cowboy players and coaches. He appeared to be having a good time.

Official Visitor
Du'Von Milsap, OL/DL, Buford, Ga. (Millsap is a huge player at 6-6 and over 300 pounds)

Unofficial Visitors
Jake Alexander, OL, Jenks, Okla.
Tyler Allen, OL/DS, Tulsa (East Central), Okla.
Marcus Dees, LB/FB, Tulsa (East Central), Okla.
Terrance Dixon, RB, Sand Springs, Okla.
Ronnie Doherty, K/P, Klein, Texas
Jarrel Kadavy, DE, Cashion, Okla.
Tyler Newton, DE, Moore (Westmoore), Okla.
Barry Sanders Jr., RB/DB, Oklahoma City (Heritage Hall), Okla.
Kale Sawatzky, FB/LB, Weatherford, Okla.
Matthias Wicks, CB, Jenks

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